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  1. unfortunately i cant download form tinyupload. can you IG-88 upload the extra.lzma for ds3615 v4.8 again? cheers
  2. i was successful with libreboot, DSM 6.1.X runs smoothly the only thing is, by default grub is trying to boot to the harddrive instead of the USB-thumb-drive.. there is a tutorial on but its a bit complicated. right now i need to select the drive by hand on a fresh bootup
  3. i guess the best would be to run libreboot.. but i havent had luck with flashing it over the bios... its fully supported as shown here one other question i have, does anyone of you got drive-sleep working? im guessing that would give a massive power-saving potential...
  4. it does not work neither for me... there is luck with dsm 5.2 i tried the XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5644.5.iso that seems to work check with google most mirrors are down but i found one on a japanese server that worked
  5. did you took the mbr loader?!cIUXnCSS!VruDf235t2uLcRxIjji3qQ!sUVFwA7D
  6. i have the same mainboard but it didnt boot... and i have the latest bios
  7. which loader did you take to boot dsm 6.1.3?
  8. its true juns loader is not booting at all, im using acros mod but somehow both of the drivers ar not there... do i get things right, the drivers are in the extra.lzma? or may i add the somewhere else? i guess its just time to goodbye my old crappy piece of intel hardware
  9. i found out ICH7 does not support AHCI but i have an extra PCI card lie around its a promise fasttrack tx4310 but it not supported by any of the extra.lzma do you have any suggestions how i could implement that? or is there any possibility how to get support without ahci?
  10. thanks guys i could reach the interface now, but unfortunately its not recognize the harddrive
  11. i have an old hardware an intel atom 330 board D945GCLF2 its with the i945GC south bridge and works quite well with 5.2 unfortunately it cannot boot with any of the images i've seen here, i also tried to use different kind of extra.lzm.. but it seems to stuck by booting the kernel: Uncompressing Linux?Ok Booting the kernel here it stucks does anyone have this hardware or an equivalent? i would be so happy to use this crappy hardware a bit longer thx for your tipps or success storys cheers
  12. do you have a link to the image form Arcao, i havent found it. im looking since a long time for a feature that gives me harddrive sleep but it doesnt work at least on 5.2 cheers i read that there is libreboot for my mainboard D945GCLF2 maybe its working with that...
  13. i have a quite old mainboard the Intel Atom 330 D945GCLF2 it does not boot with this loader, it seams that the loader just contains the EFI stuff. im looking and trying since a long time to get drive sleep but its not working. anyone has some ideas how i can solve that? cheers