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    Has anyone got a SSD running with Jun's DSM 6 loader? I am using an SSD in a HP Proliant H54L and the server can see the SSD. However in DSM6 the SSD is not visible.
  2. Hello, I run 4 disk in a 212/213 extension combo from Synology and would like to migrate the disk into a HP N54L. Therefore a few questions: Do I install DSM on the N54L prior to bringing the 4 disks across? And if yes, where do I install DSM?
  3. Has anyone successfully upgraded to 6.0? The only reason I want to upgrade is that 6.0 offers a new application to sync 2 Synology servers in different locations. ... le_syncing has anyone ever looked at similar functionality?
  4. Hi. I read all your instructions and still having trouble dealing after an accidental DSM 6 upgrade. I run XPEnology 5.2-5644 in a ESXI6 vm. After the (accidental) upgrade, the system reboots and asks for the PAT file. Neither the old 5644, nor the 8451 will work. I also amended the VERSION file as instructed but the Synology after reboot still shows in Synology Assitant as Version 6.0-8451. I am stuck because the 8451 installation doesnt complete and the 5644 also doesnt work. Any tips?
  5. I had Xpenonlogy running perfectly fine in a ESXI6 VM. A colleague accidentally tried to upgrade to DSM 6 via Synology which of course is not compatible. The system now boots ok but into the old 5.2-5644. The poblem is when booting it assigns a totally random (public) IP address not from our normal internal IP range, so the Synology Assistant cannot find the machine. Is there a way to reset the network IP for the Synology when its booting?
  6. Does anyone know how Synology has implemented the shared folder sync? Is this just a loop of automated rsync tasks that constantly checks if there were any data changes? Or is this a special linux program ?
  7. I am setting up xpenology under ESXi6 on a Dell r410 server that comes with a pretty good RAID controller. The question is should I pass on the disks as raw disks to be managed by Synology or should I create a virtual disk managed by the RAID hardware and passed on to Synology. Does anyone have experience with this question? I think it's a crucial difference in performance. Many thanks for your thoughts. Sent from my Elephone P8000 using Tapatalk
  8. Many thanks for your instructions! I have managed to install evrything but now NAS says it wants to update from 5.0-4482 to 5.2-5644. When I start the procedure it always gets stuck at 25% and does not complete the update. Any thoughts?
  9. I have installed XPEnology on a VM (ESXI 6.0) and I am wondering what the best HD setup should be to have RAID-5 protection of the NAS data. I guess XPEnology RAID 5 protection (software) doesn't make sense if the ESXI is already running on a RAID-Array with a RAID controller (hardware). Does anyone have any experience / suggestions what the best configuration should be in terms of mapping drives and configuring the 2 layers.