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  1. Hello all, I have a question regarding XPenology's log file structure. I have an XPN server up and running and I am looking at using a 3rd party server (non-synology) to pull rsync backups from the XPN server. My question is: where are the pull backup activities logged / recorded on my XPN server? I cannot find the relevant log files. I did not amend any conf files on the XPN side. Or is there no logging on the Daemon side of rsync. many thanks Eric
  2. Hi - we tried the above and also did a few steps to unlock Postgres so we could see the inside of databases. Sadly, now Chat wont start anymore. It seems that postgres is not launching anymore. ANy tips?
  3. thanks - very helpful! I will try.
  4. thanks for this! Very helpful. Do you happen to know if actual chat messages can be retrieved (after they are purged inside the app)? Or do we have to remove the records from the SQL database to be sure? Also, are the messages from encrypted chats also encrypted in the DB or can they be read?
  5. Hello all, does anyone know where the messages are stored for the Synology Chat app? I assume there is a database somewhere. Any ideas? thanks Marc
  6. trek102


    Has anyone got a SSD running with Jun's DSM 6 loader? I am using an SSD in a HP Proliant H54L and the server can see the SSD. However in DSM6 the SSD is not visible.
  7. Hello, I run 4 disk in a 212/213 extension combo from Synology and would like to migrate the disk into a HP N54L. Therefore a few questions: Do I install DSM on the N54L prior to bringing the 4 disks across? And if yes, where do I install DSM?
  8. Has anyone successfully upgraded to 6.0? The only reason I want to upgrade is that 6.0 offers a new application to sync 2 Synology servers in different locations. ... le_syncing has anyone ever looked at similar functionality?
  9. Hi. I read all your instructions and still having trouble dealing after an accidental DSM 6 upgrade. I run XPEnology 5.2-5644 in a ESXI6 vm. After the (accidental) upgrade, the system reboots and asks for the PAT file. Neither the old 5644, nor the 8451 will work. I also amended the VERSION file as instructed but the Synology after reboot still shows in Synology Assitant as Version 6.0-8451. I am stuck because the 8451 installation doesnt complete and the 5644 also doesnt work. Any tips?
  10. I had Xpenonlogy running perfectly fine in a ESXI6 VM. A colleague accidentally tried to upgrade to DSM 6 via Synology which of course is not compatible. The system now boots ok but into the old 5.2-5644. The poblem is when booting it assigns a totally random (public) IP address not from our normal internal IP range, so the Synology Assistant cannot find the machine. Is there a way to reset the network IP for the Synology when its booting?
  11. Does anyone know how Synology has implemented the shared folder sync? Is this just a loop of automated rsync tasks that constantly checks if there were any data changes? Or is this a special linux program ?
  12. I am setting up xpenology under ESXi6 on a Dell r410 server that comes with a pretty good RAID controller. The question is should I pass on the disks as raw disks to be managed by Synology or should I create a virtual disk managed by the RAID hardware and passed on to Synology. Does anyone have experience with this question? I think it's a crucial difference in performance. Many thanks for your thoughts. Sent from my Elephone P8000 using Tapatalk
  13. Many thanks for your instructions! I have managed to install evrything but now NAS says it wants to update from 5.0-4482 to 5.2-5644. When I start the procedure it always gets stuck at 25% and does not complete the update. Any thoughts?
  14. I have installed XPEnology on a VM (ESXI 6.0) and I am wondering what the best HD setup should be to have RAID-5 protection of the NAS data. I guess XPEnology RAID 5 protection (software) doesn't make sense if the ESXI is already running on a RAID-Array with a RAID controller (hardware). Does anyone have any experience / suggestions what the best configuration should be in terms of mapping drives and configuring the 2 layers.