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  1. Hello All, I am on DMS 6.2-23739 I am struggling to get any SSL certificates running inside Xpenology. When ever I try to add a certificate in Control Panel - Certificate- Get Certificate from Let's encrypt, I get this error message: "No response from the destination server" The ports are all open. Has anyone seen this? Any tips? Many thanks
  2. I have installed a webserver and recently rebooted the NAS. NOw I am getting an "error 503" webpage when ever I try to access. Any ideas where I could look? I have installed the following packages: Apache 2.4, PHP7.4, phpMyAdmin, MariaDB I re-installed Apache and PHP but still getting the same error.
  3. Has anyone successfully installed Nextcloud and Talk on Xpenology?
  4. ok thanks for pointing this out. But on an Xpenology there are not update operations so I'd expect this to run without
  5. ok. So USB can be removed for ongoing operation but need to insert for rebooting?
  6. Is it possible after installing 6.2.23739 via USB stick and 2 HDs, to remove the USB stick? Does Xpenology need the USB stick inserted after booting?
  7. Thanks. In mesh meaning you have 2 routers of the same type in different parts of the house? What WiFi standard do they operate to offer more than 1Gbit/s. Which tool have you measured the speed with?
  8. I found a much better solution than Rocketchat. Install Nextcloud with this guide. It took me 10 minutes and works immediately. https://mariushosting.com/how-to-install-nextcloud-on-your-synology-nas/ Nextcloud comes pre-packaged with many apps, including "Talk", which is a very responsive and intuitive chat app. THere are Android and iPhone apps for Talk and all notifications work. With this solution you can operate a home user or enterprise level chat application on your own hardware.
  9. I see. Thank you so far for your pointers!
  10. The solution was as follows (based on the original tutorial on here): 1) Any time the USB stick gets created with Win32Diskimager, it has to be cleared before hand with Paragon Partition Manager. - delete all partitions - create 1 main partition - Make sure its GPT and not MBR 2) now edit the Loader image and create USB as in the original tutorial 3) IMPORTANT: The Dell T1700 needs to be in Legacy mode and not EFI; the original Jun loaders will work for 6.2 (3617 and 3615 tested and works) 4) have some patience when searching for the NAS Station with the Assistant. The initial boot with the Loader takes some time, nothing happens on the screen and Assistant keeps searching without any luck. After that the NAS was found and migration was all fine.
  11. You are saying I havent shared details where things go wrong?
  12. thanks. I managed to edit environment variables and CMD, created the folders and mongod.conf The container starts and creates a few files but then it collapses so I cannot log into the container to execute the final step: The container log file shows the following error: BadValue: security.keyFile is required when authorization is enabled with replica sets Any ideas?
  13. I think they called it Plus because it has a 1GB NIC and it has an eSata connector for an expansion unit.
  14. It might be interesting to learn for other users that I just migrated 2 HDs from an existing Synology ARM box onto Xpenology with NO DATA LOSS. Source system: Synology DS212+, 0.5GB Ram, Arm Processor, Single core, Marvell Kirkwood 88F6282 2x 3TB HDs, 1 Volume RAID1 DSM 6.2.4 Target system: Xpenology 3617 Xeon E3-1226, 3.3GHz, 16GB Ram DSM 6.1.7-15284 No SSH commands were neccesary. The Genesys' 1.02b loader (MBR) worked. Even 2 encrypted Shared Folders survived the migration and were able to unlock without any problems. Even the Synology documentation points out that this migration would not be possible.
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