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  1. Thanks for your reply. There is only one fat32 partition created by unetbootin containing: - menu.c32 - syslinux.cfg - ubinit - ubnkernel I didn't meant on the USB drive, but on my additional HDD
  2. I had the same issue "No boot disk detected" for me the problem was that i had a disk attached with a NTFS partition on it. When i removed the NTFS partitions from that disk it started to work
  3. Maybe this question is asked in the past, but is there a reason that the DS3615xs is used and not for example the DS3617xs? Thanks for all your work
  4. DSM 5 is fully working now, but i would like to hide the USB boot drive, i already used the search function, but couldn't find anything helpful. So my question is it possible to hide the USB boot drive and how can i do this? Thanks
  5. I installed 4.3 on my system, but my 5th hdd is not recognized, i already changed the synoinfo.cfg but it won't work. With 4.2 i had no problem. I see that more people have this problem, is there already a fix for this? Regards
  6. 169.254.x.x is a APIPA address, most of the times you get this when the dhcp server is not reachable
  7. Try the microupdate. Update is not working, i tried it with the next code as well sed 's/flashupdateDeb/flashupdateDeb1/' /autoupd@te.info > /autoupd@te.info1 mv /autoupd@te.info1 /autoupd@te.info
  8. I ran it on a vmware environment, i it looks like it is working. Both disk are IDE I don't know what to test, i created a volume, installed a package and rebooted the system. Volume is still there Maybe somebody can check what they did with this build, and use it for a build by trantor
  9. Hi Trantor In the 4.3 issue topic, i saw that 1 of the guys managed that the boot usb device will be invisible in DSM. Is it possible to add this "feature" in your next build? Thanks
  10. First of all, thanks for the great work so far with 4.3!!!! Is the solution from VeNoM and neXus ready for "production"? @Trantor Will you come with an 4.3 version? Thanks in advance
  11. spindown for a second volume on a RAID controller was not working. spindown for a third volume on a onboard RAID controller was not working. Everything is installed on the first volume, second and third volume is only for data like movies Regards
  12. In that same folder there is a menu file, try to change that file
  13. /usr/syno/synoman/webman/resources/images/login, here you can find the logos
  14. I built with official sata_mv.c from kernel.org but system start and shutdown after 30sec. I see error about gpio when booting so I add syno_sata_mv_gpio_write function in sata_mv.c and like your voodoo magic... it's boot Everything seem to work fine. Patched kernel for marvell diff file between original sata_mv.c and syno's one Feedbacks please Is this this the possible fix for your issue with DSM 4.3?
  15. Strange i have a m1015 as a lsi 9240 in it mode and i see all the disks, for me its working perfectly, i installed dsm on a onboard sata disk, and used all the m1015 disks as a second volume. Maybe you need to check synoinfo and make some adjustments for the internalportcfg, couple of pages back there is a discussion about it.
  16. I used the build-in RAID 5 from DSM itself, so i doubt that can be the problem. Maybe during the boot is it first loading my raid controller drivers and afterwards the onboard sata drivers.
  17. I'm not an expert but try playing with mdam and/or lvm2 force option that "can" mount degraded volume. Does the latest megaraid_sas driver fix your issue ? I just updated the 2 files, but still the same issue Here a screenshot, does not look like a driver problem
  18. I just saw that DSM 4.3 is released, are you updating to 4.3?
  19. I remove the built-in driver and compil the latest one frome LSI website. Try this : http://xpenology.trantor.be/megaraid_sa ... _zImage.7z Just replace zImage and rd files on your USB stick. Did you manage to install DSM on your LSI card or you have standard SATA drive with DSM on it ? (see Psyclops-1's question) I installed DSM on a onboard SATA disk. I will try the new drivers today, let you know how it works
  20. I'm looking on IBM website but the link for latest IBM ServeRAID M Series and MR10 driver is dead I think using driver from IBM instead of adaptec may solve this issue. EDIT: After downloading the sources, it seems that the driver inside the archive is LSI megaraid_sas... I will look to update this ^^ EDIT2: Does the aacraid module is even loaded on your system ? (I suspect your card is handle by megaraid_sas as I discovered in IBM package) I guess my card is handled by the megaraid_sas, because my card is seen as a LSI 9240.
  21. You migrate from 3202 build and you didn't loose any data ? I test this on 3 computers and I loose everything on each. During the installation i could those 3 options, 1 of them was migrate, for safely i removed my raid controller, but the other disks successfully migrated, after the migration i installed the raid card again and everything was working. couple of things i had to change myself.
  22. Today i successfully updated my system to V1.1, everything migrated well. I still have 1 issue with my RAID controller, every time when i reboot the system i said that my RAID 5 config is broken, i need to hit repair and in 5 seconds its back online. eSATA is now USB, thanks for that
  23. I'm using a whitebox server I just found a weird problem, i attached 8 drives to my controller, but synology only see 6 drives, is this a common problem? Frank, I had the similar problem before. See my fix below. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=937&start=60#p5034 Essentially, you need to modify /etc.defaults/synoinfo and play around with "internalportcfg" parameter. internalportcfg is a hexadecimal bitmask. 0xf = 0b1111 ( 4 drives ) 0xff = 0b11111111 ( 8 drives) 0xfff = 0b111111111111 ( 12 drives ) What I would do is increase the internalportcfg to something big like 0xffff (16 drives) and modify usbportcfg and esataportcfg so they aren't colliding with it. If this works, then you can tweak it to your exact configuration. Hope this helps. Wonderfull this is working!! Now i'm going to test with spin down
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