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  1. Hello, I have a nice N54L running 6.0.2 bare metal and I'm wondering if I should migrate to ESXi hypervisor. I know not much about ESXi, but would it be possible to make xpenology "see" an intel processor instead of an amd ? (would make 6.1.3 migration easier) Is there anything special to know about the migration ? Is this even possible without wiping all data ? (have 4x4 To in AHCI RAID 5) Regards
  2. Hello, I'm running Xpenology image DS3615xs_5.2-5565.2.img on Bare Metal N54L, and I keep having issues making the power button work with latest releases. I followed thordrid's advice and instructions (combined dilshodm's post). - evdev.ko copied & loaded - running acpi (2.0.23) in debug mode - corresponding scripts copied powerbtn.sh in /etc/acpi and powerbtn-conf in /etc/acpi/events Tried reboots & different things but none did the trick. Here's acpid -d output : Deprecated /proc/acpi/event was not found. Trying netlink and the input layer... acpid: canno
  3. Hello, I'm a happy N54L owner and I wanted to improve video encoding/decoding from plex and/or video station. (HD stutters, and cpu always over 94%) I'm looking for some dedicated hardware like the Broadcom CrystalHD, but with encoding features. Is there a way to simply do that ? At best : low-profile pcie and under 100 bucks ^^
  4. Bonjour, Je m'intéresse de très près à DSM et je souhaiterais installer celui-ci sur mon NAS D-link DNS-320. Les specs de la bête : - Marvell 88F6281-A1 @800Mhz - 128 Mb de Ram - 128 Mb de NAND Mon D-Link est déjà doté d'un accès "root" complet, par là j'entends (merci à Jamie Lentin pour son excellent tuto ) : - j'ai accès à la console série - uboot a été flashé avec une version plus récente et généreuse en fonctions - un système "de base" y a été installé, et j'y ai accès en SSH - un noyau vanilla compilé par mes soins tourne dessus sans aucun accroc En cherchant un peu s