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  1. Nevermind got it from somewhere else. For anyone else in the same situation: Using a USB keyboard, after power on as soon as the health LED begins to blink blue and red hit DELETE and it'll become solid (either blue or red depending on what it was when you hit delete) and enter the BIOS. Advice on the Internet suggests to wait 5 seconds after this to ensure it's in the BIOS. Press F10 and then ENTER to save and reboot. Repeat this process until you're fully comfortable with the process of blindly booting into the BIOS and safely saving and exiting. Boot into the BIOS again. Press the DOWN arrow three (3) times to reach Integrated Peripherals Press ENTER to select Press the DOWN arrow one (1) time to select SIS OnChip PCI Device Press ENTER to select Press the DOWN arrow eight (8) times to select SIS Serial ATA Mode Press PGDN one (1) time to select 4P(IDE)+4S(IDE). Press F10 one (1) time to save and exit. Press ENTER to confirm.
  2. I don't have a VGA adapter, would you be willing to do something like this: In the post I linked, the poster counted out the number of times you need to press the down arrow to get to a BIOS setting in the EX470 to change a setting, and then you press enter to select a setting, press the arrow again to move to the right choice, and then set and save the setting. It'd be amazing if you could help us out with this, since without the VGA cable, there's no way for us to change this setting otherwise!