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  1. Does this work ok on a HP N54L? coming from gnoBoot? thanks. Oh and what image should I get..64bit?
  2. Hi. I have a N54L with No VGA monitor. Is there anyway to upgrade from gnoBoot to nanoboot blind? thanks
  3. Does anyone know if gnoBoot is finished? thanks.
  4. Synology will hire you soon I hope a new gnoBoot version comes out very soon.
  5. Great work dude. Do you think it can be done?
  6. I ant got a clue dude. I tried another USB stick and put nanoboot on and the same thing happened. Maybe even though I changed "default 0 to 2" it never went to the update part?
  7. I sorry usually its not using syslinux.cfg, edit that Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I did what you said but it booted back in to gnoBoot. I will wait for gnoBoot update. But thanks.
  8. Ok. I will try and report back... Thank you for your time and patience.
  9. just press down twice and take a guess alternatively edit your .lst file in the img file to default to upgrade option then back to the normal boot option after installing. alternatively use 2 usb's No .lst file in either the ing or if I burn it to a usb stick. I have Boot(folder) zImage Inside the boot\syslinux folder is .sys .c32 .com reboot.c32 synology.png syslinux.cfg version and vesamenu.c32 I am using NanoBoot-
  10. I will have a look at the .lst file. And yes I use two USB sticks Thanks
  11. Is there a way to boot in to the "update" part? As I've said a page back I have no VGA lcd.
  12. just replaced the usb, booted with the 4482 option, installed latest .pat from syno assistant and everything is saved Just thought. I can't see what the N54L is doing as I've got no VGA anything. I normally have two usb sticks. One which I boot off(default boot changed in config) and then the other as normal. Like this to install you may edit the menu.lst like this: default 1 timeout 0 fallback 0 On reboot during installation you may change this back to default 0 timeout 0 fallback 0 I must get a small vga lcd soon.
  13. I hope gnoBoot brings out a update soon.
  14. Has anyone tried this on a N54L with gnoBoot already installed? Has it kept all the folders I.E. video\Music ect
  15. I think I will wait for gnoBoot to do his magic as everything works on my N54L.