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  1. J'ai utilisé ton tuto pour mon install, et le shutdown fonctionne tout à fait en 7.1. Au cas où d'autres personnes tombent sur le topic, ca servira de mise à jour Entre temps je suis repassé en VirtIO (pour essayer de faire fonctionner le memory Balloon, mais sans succès).
  2. Got mine working too, my first try on tinycore as I was still on DSM 6.2. 7.1 42661 DS918+ on Proxmox, using real SN/Mac from the 918+ from the office, compiled with VirtIO Went with passthrough for the SATA controller as the other VMs are only using NVMe Just wondering if we can get RAM Ballooning driver working ? As it's kind of useless to see the VM using 3GB+ of memory when it barely uses 400MB for now (not reinstalled any package yet) Tried to search the forum for it, but apart from some logs that mentions the balloon driver, nothing really clear. An
  3. Yep, you need to boot always with USB Drive plugged in. My unconfirmed theory, is that Synology is not ready to boot from an AHCI drive, that's why in VirtualBox Synoboot.img must be added as IDE drive and not as SATA drive. This is just a speculation. I have to check if there is any chance to put only the SSD drive as IDE, because I don't trust the USB drive. This theory is interesting in fact, as it means it may boot on SATA 5/6 on some bios versions where you can change compatibility modes on those. I might give it a try but won't be able to try it before a few weeks... so if an