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  1. Maybe my scenario can help you. See post "Recover a bricked system after DSM 6.1.1 upgrade accident"
  2. I just posted a scenario which can help you if you have an spare disk. Look for here:
  3. It happens already two times to me that I upgraded my Syno and ended up with an unresponsive system. The last time I updated my system (which was already on DSM 6.1, and I was not aware that this was a dangerous upgrade) to the latest version DSM 6.1.1. The update seems succesfull until a few days later I noticed I could not contact my shared drives anymore. The diskstation could not be found by the Synology Assistant anymore. This scenario in the end helped me to recover my NAS and return back to DSM 6.1 It also should work for other mistakes resulting in unbootable or unresponsive sy
  4. I updated my HP Proliant MicroServer Gen8 to v5.2-5644 and got it working. After I manually uploaded the correct PAT file (DS3615xs) the system rebooted and I told in the XPENboot menu that I want to upgrade (option 3). The syno upgrade assistant noticed I moved my disks ( ???) and that it has to upgrade the DSM system. ( OK??) I followed the default options and after a new reboot of the system I let it go (boot option 1). Everything fine. No data or config settings lost as far as I can see. Pfew.