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  1. I have problem with my newly configured server/ I can not acces web station. Router is forwarded, Web station is turned on, http user group have permission, but when I write ip number in web browser I can not connect ( It works after adding :5000 on the end of adress). What am I doing wrong ?
  2. I found this one wit 16 ports , sata cables and battery / (used one) at a very cheap price Today I am going to test it and build new server.
  3. Hi. I am looking for some cheap sata controller that can support hdds over 2tb. I found some 12 or 16 sata port cards ( old models have limit of 2tb drive) but they are so expensive that it is better to buy new mainboard . Can someone guide me which model will be good for me/ maybe couple cards with less ports ( my mainboard have 3PCI, 2 PCI express x1 and 1 PCI express x16 slots.
  4. Yes. I tried with win 10 and virtual box but I got error in kubuntu ( something with graphic acceleration/ my passive cooled radeon is not supported anymore) / and I could view it only in window.Later i tried with xpenology + virtualbox+kubuntu, but it was the same. Yesterday I made clean install of Kodibuntu and I will try to get working virtual xpenology on lubuntu desktop ( but thats after my holiday).
  5. Yes. My new computer needs to be used for 2 things. First is to use it like original syno server ( and get rid of my old ds408), second as multimedia player/ videos played by motherboard hdmi out. Just like it is possible in asustor but in my own diy server . Yesterday I bought used ssd and I was thinking to use it as system disk/ the rest will be hdds for data ( does xpenology system install on one drive or it makes copies on all hdds ?). Now i am looking for best solution to get it work and have my data safe. Maybe just install xpenology and plugins for it (virtualbox and kodibuntu ). Maybe some other way will be better f.ex. win10 , virtualbox and 2 virtual machines- xpe and kodibuntu ( but i never tried something like that). What do you think about it?
  6. Is there no problem to run f.ex Kodibuntu?
  7. I can stream from synology by dlna, but I prefer some media center. I have some 2 cheap android players with xbmc, but instead of that I would like to have Kodi player and synology server in one box
  8. Hi I am not a specialist so it is better to ask how properly do something that I am thinking about. I am user of synolgy DS408 from around 5 years and I loved it until it began to run out of space. The minus is that I can not add more drives, can not install DSM 5, and can not play media files by hdmi. I was thinking about changing it to asustor NAS because it has hdmi, but it is too expensive for me. Thats why I decided to buy new case and I got cheap used HTPC case with core i5 CPU+ mainboard with place for even 8 hdds. Now I have a dilemma. I would like to use this pc as a home server ( like my old DiskStation) and also as Kodi player in living room, to play videos on tv and home cinema projector. Yesterday I found this forum and I learn constantly something new. I would like to ask what will be the best solution to get fully working xpenology sytem and kodi on it ? Should I install xpenology as main OS and then virtualbox spk + f.ex Kodibuntu? Or maybe install some virtual machine as main system and add xpenology and kodi as virtual machines? ( I never tried something like that honestly ) What do You think about it?