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  1. Any progress on getting Asustor to work?
  2. I have a HP N40L under Trantor 4.3 and recently upgraded to Nanoboot, I can confirm: - WOL doesn't work out of the box, however there is a fix available for that:; - HDD Hibernation works.
  3. Works perfectly on a N40L. Thanks! Where find : "/var/packages/shutdown_script/" ? It is already there. There is nothing else that you need to do. Side note, there is a weird bug. In order to keep using the WOL future the NAS has to be turned off by the iPhone DS Finder app? Everytime I turn the NAS off in the webinterface WOL doesn't work until I shut it down through the app... Could anyone confirm this?
  4. Wohhhh, fans dont slow? I miss the fans do not get their speed. My NL40 with Openmediavault and all are 28W at idle, but now had only a 1TB hard drive. Bios moded. Did you got HDD hibernation working, if so how? Or did it work for you out of the box?
  5. I have tried it now some several times even with another usb key, keep getting this error.
  6. I am getting a Grub error 2 when it is rebooting. Anyone having a similair problem or an idea how to fix it?
  7. Hi all, I have an identical problem. I am using the synoboot_microserver-2.img and have tried both the HDD Raw Copy Tool and Win32 Disk Imager on two different USB sticks. The N40L has not been upgraded beyond the hacked bios (tried with original bios as well). Does something need to be disabled in the bios? I have set the USB stick to be boot priority 1. Thanks for your help. What is the file format of the USB Stick? It failed for me 2 times when it was formated on EXT2 (think I had the same error) when I tried EXT3 it worked without a problem directly. I am running the defau
  8. I am currently running XPEnology native on my N40L however I stumbled on the issue that the drives will not go in hibernation. The /var/log/messages file is full with this line: scemd: smartctl_ata_command_interface.c:117 ata ioctl HDIO_DRIVE_CMD error I am 2 of these drives: Western Digital WD30EZRX All services are down, disconnected the internet cable from the NIC. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? Thanks.
  9. I used VirtualBox to get XPEnology running on my N40L. Performance was fine (for what I expected for it), only ran to the issue that whenever I tried to install the 'video station' package it deed seem to make my installation useless. Every time it was telling me it was 'updating the system', I was unable to access the device. My suggestion, try the packages first and test them extensively before putting any valuable data on it.