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  1. GIGABYTE GA-D525TUD (NM10) + Synoboot on USB pendrive -> Working but no USB SATA OK LAN OK USB KO -> Very annoying Any help for USB is welcome. J-F
  2. jefouille

    How to install XPEnology

    So, there is no way to keep my RAID only for data, and install DSM on a separate disk (I guess Synology HW have a DOM)? Just for my knowledge, is it the same for NAS HW (DSM installed on provided HD, and not on the motherboard DOM)? Regards.
  3. jefouille

    How to install XPEnology

    Could someone provide a bit more details about where to install DSM? I plan to use two HD in RAID1 for my data. Besides the USB stick with Synoboot, I guess I shall use a separate, dedicated HD/DOM/USB stick for DSM itself? Thx, Jefouille