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  1. GIGABYTE GA-D525TUD (NM10) + Synoboot on USB pendrive -> Working but no USB SATA OK LAN OK USB KO -> Very annoying Any help for USB is welcome. J-F
  2. So, there is no way to keep my RAID only for data, and install DSM on a separate disk (I guess Synology HW have a DOM)? Just for my knowledge, is it the same for NAS HW (DSM installed on provided HD, and not on the motherboard DOM)? Regards.
  3. Could someone provide a bit more details about where to install DSM? I plan to use two HD in RAID1 for my data. Besides the USB stick with Synoboot, I guess I shall use a separate, dedicated HD/DOM/USB stick for DSM itself? Thx, Jefouille