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    DSM 5.2 et Mojave

    Hello, j'ai depuis quelques années un serveur DSM 5.2 avec un loader Xpenology (XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2) et donc le DSM DSM_DS3615xs_5592, çà marche plutôt bien et j'en suis content. J'ai aussi un hackintosh en config multiboot dont 2 versions Mac OSX : Yosemite et Mojave (mise à jour très récente depuis El Capitan), le problème que je rencontre est entre le système Mojave (et son Finder) et le DSM/Xpenology, 1 fois sur 2 (voir plus) environ l'affichage des dossiers et fichiers prend un temps fou ou bien n'aboutit pas ou cela marche partiellement et si j'insiste le système Mojave finit par planter : obliger de rebooter "en dur" l'ordi. Ces plantages arrivent uniquement lorsque Mojave communique avec le "Syno" (en AFP ou SAMBA) Je n'ai jamais eu çà avant et cela marchait très bien avec El Capitan et marche très bien avec Yosemite. Est ce que ce problème "parle" à quelqu'un ? une mise à jour du serveur vers un DSM 6.2 pourrait il régler le problème ? PS : il y a toujours l'alternative d'utiliser File Station depuis l'interface d'administration mais c'est quand même moins pratique/moins intuitif.
  2. I'm still with DSM 5.2 too and don't feel the need to go to 6.1 (especially if updating isn't possible), everything is working ok here with 5.2 so...
  3. Thanx for the info, always good to know some hardware compatibility, can you tell us which DSM version you use ?
  4. Received the new mobo, my USB3 pendrive is now recognized when plugged in on USB3 back ports, but not the Lacie Rugged hard drive, which make me thing that there might be a problem with the cable or the case of the HD or the USB3 connector, or I don't know at all what 's going on... still this HD is recognized when connected to USB2 ports with this mobo, or on Firewire connected to my Imac (the drive have both connections USB3 & FW). Regarding the WOL function, I had one success with windows 8.1 but was unable to reproduce it later, and never worked for me with Xpenology, maybe it's about BIOS setting, maybe there is some tweeking to make (I read in this thread about a driver to load, but I don't understand it and maybe it's not accurate with latest version of Xpenology, meaning not needed anymore). But the Power off/Power on schedule function is working fine, so that's an ok workaround. Any suggestions to resolve this WOL thing (waking it up from an Android tablet with DSFinder or other WOL utility) would still be appreciated.
  5. thanx again endormmc, we'll be back for report with the new mobo in a few days.
  6. that's the settings I was using till this morning, and you can confirm too that there is no problem to connect USB3 hard drive and that the HD is well recognized by the system ? Xpenology or other like Windows ? Sorry to insist on that specific point ...anyway will contact the shop this afternoon Edit : I just called them, they agree to ship me another one on monday or tuesday, I have to send back the other in a delay of 2 weeks starting today. So wait and see...
  7. thanx for your concern, focusing on the usb3, same issue with windows 8.1, all drivers installed. right now retrying every possible USB combination in BIOS which was already v1.40 when arrived. and I don't really feel comfortable with flashing the bios Also tried the USB legacy option to "disable" , then no usb at all were working. It would be easier for me if someone could tell the exact USB options in BIOS for USB 3 Hard drives or thumb drives to work as USB3, as I repeat usb3 drives do work when connected to USB2 ports and USB2 drives also works when connected on USB3 ports, that's the weird thing about it. there are 3 USB BIOS options, the first 1 has to be enabled for any USB to work, I think I'll have to contact the shop where I bought it.
  8. Hi there, I'm back after a few days to report 2 little problems : 1/ the USB3 ports and the back panel won't recognized my Lacie 2,5" HD Rugged. the same HD is recognized when connected on USB2 ports and, when I connect another HD which is USB2 on the USB3 port, it is indeed recognized. I do not use the other USB3 ports with the header as my case is an old one and doesn't have USB3 on the front panel, only USB2, which work ok btw even with the Lacie Rugged (yes the one being not recognized when connected on the back USB3 ports). That is weird, BIOS USB setup : everything is switched on "ENABLED", will double check that. 2/ the WOL function doesn't seems to work, It could be usefull to be able to WOL the NAS from my android tablet with Fing utility, in fact the problem is that when I set DSM for the NAS System to hibernate after a set of time, then it will shutdown and that's where I wan't WOL it with my tablet, though I can still use the schedule task feature to power up/down the NAS, that is working fine, but it will be even better with WOL from the tablet working too. Any idea or advice for BIOS or DSM settings that could help for those 2 little problems ? BIOS is v1.40 DSM 5.2 XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2
  9. Received it, mounted it in an old medium ATX tower, plenty of space. So far seems to be working fine, just one HD caviar green 4 To for this moment, I need to transfer all my datas from the DS107 Synology, then I will have both HD in XPenology server, then more HDs to come from an old FreeNas PC. Thanx to everyone involved in this thread where I gathered a maximum of usefull information. I made a speed test in my gigabit lan from my Imac with an SSD drive to the Caviar Green connected to one of the SATA3 ports of the Q1900-ITX, I got around 114 Mo/s when copying a 7,83 Go ISO file (it tooks about 70 seconds).
  10. ok I just ordered the combo Asrock Q1900-ITX, I hope I won't face any problems, I made some ok tests with an old Amd PC, but now I want to go for real with a low power / low cost machine to upgrade my old but still alive SynoDS107+
  11. Version de DSM : DSM 5.2 Nom du pacquet : Logitech Media Server Version du pacquet : 7.7.3-044 Tests réalisés : Installation et lancement sur une bibliothèque musicale d'une centaine d'albums, pilotage par tablette Android avec l'application Orange Squeeze en utilisation avec une SqueezeBox 3. Aucun souci rencontré. Edit : je l'utilise maintenant régulièrement avec une grosse bibliothèque musicale de plusieurs milliers de fichiers sans soucis.
  12. c'est des quadcore qui tournent à 2 GHz donc très probablement supérieur a ce qu'on trouve sur les Syno, ou alors vraiment dans le haut de gamme que je ne connais pas trop. Normal vu les ne m'y suis jamais vraiment intéressé. EDIT : ah oui tiens le haut de gamme de Synology DS3615xs CPU = Intel coreI3 double coeur 3,4 Ghz RAM : 4 GB ECC Prix "nu" : plus de 2000 €
  13. Salut je cherche aussi une config basse conso, mais avant j'aimerais bien revendre 2 anciens PCs, je tiens pas à faire musée Voici ce que j'ai pu trouvé comme base intéressante : En Amd APU Athlon 5350 (TDP 25w) + CM ASRock AM1B-ITX la carte mère marche avec de la DDR3 normale En Intel le combo CM/CPU Intel Celeron J1900 ASRock Q1900-ITX la carte mère d'après ce que je comprends ne marcherait qu'avec de la DDR3 SO-DIMM (à vérifier)
  14. ok tout semble rouler, j'ai eu une erreur en fin de parcours, mais après avoir refait la clé et rebooter, puis relancer l'assistant, la fin de la configuration s'est finie rapidement.
  15. De retour après achat et réception d'un nouveau disque SATA de 4 To, installé sur la même machine que pour les essais précédents et pour l'instant, la carte mère dispose d'un port IDE et 6 ports SATA, je croise les doigts, je n'ai plus de blocage. Donc à priori c'était bien un problème de reconnaissance de controlleur IDE. C'est en cours d'installation. Je mettrai à jour tout à l'heure.