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    List for next driver rebuild

    Support for the LSI 1064e/1068e/ 1078e cards would be nice. They're all driven by the 'mptsas' driver, which is already in the kernel - direct links to the latest LSI driver source is (may have more patches in the mainstream kernel though, these haven't been updated since 2011): ... They drive a boatload of cheap lower-end HBA's (which I for some reason have a ton lying around) like the LSI 3081E, LSI 3041, LSI 3442, IBM BR10i, Supermicro USAS L8i/ S8i/ H8i). Thanks!
  2. imontrini

    Maximum number of disks

    Trying to determine whether there are any gotchas with setting up systems with more than 10 disks? I have a DS412+, and I've really enjoyed the ease of use - my main NAS/SAN currently runs OpenFiler, and I'd love to move it over to xpenology. Boots just fine on the main board (Intel S5000PSL), and detects the SAS controller (IBM M1015), but I have that attached to 3 Chenbro SAS expanders (16 drives each). I know Linux itself will most definitely work, but was wondering if there were any artificial limitations in the Synology interface that would make this combination unusable? The largest con figs on the Synology gear support 36 disks, so short of dismantling my existing setup, does anyone know if this will work? Thanks!