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  1. Nobody has an idea about that?
  2. Hi everybody, recently, my HP Microserver Gen8 stopped responding. I hadn't changed anything for days until I couldn't get to the DS via network. The DS shuts down in the evening and restarts in the morning, ran without problems until this occurrence. Via the HP ILO I see that the server is booted, but unfortunately not reachable via IP and the router doesn't see anything either (is there a way to open a shell from the loader? Unfortunately I couldn't find anything in the forum). Since it is an HP server and I am running 6.2.2, I used IG-88's driver to make the NICs w
  3. Habe die Daten wiederherstellen können durch den Trick von hoppler: Danach hatte ich nochmal mit einer Spare HDD getestet, ob ich den Loader mit der neuen extra zum Laufen bekomme - leider bisher kein Erfolg.
  4. Das Update hatte mit dem HP Gen8 super funktioniert, also dachte ich, probiere ich es mit meinem Produktivsystem - ein N54L. Hier war 6.1.7 installiert, noch mit juns Loader 1.02b. Habe über die Web-GUI das Update auf 6.2.2 heruntergeladen, dann heruntergefahren, USB Stick mit dem extra angepasst und wieder hochgefahren. Der N54L taucht nicht mehr auf. Dann habe ich einen neuen Bootstick gemacht, mit 1.03b, IG-88's extra, aber auch hier hat er die NAS nicht gefunden. Seitdem versuche ich irgendwie meine Daten wiederzubekommen. Habe schon andere Loader probiert, für 3617xs, mal
  5. IG-88 updated the first post with the extra.lzma for DS3615xs/DS3617xs. I've tried his update guide with a HP Microserver Gen8 without the extra Intel Network Card. The update from 6.2.0 to 6.2.2 worked as described from IG-88, great job, buddy!
  6. Thanks for your answers! @LDiamond A splitter would be a nice optione, too. But my problem with that solution is, that the chassis fan has a 6pin pwm connector and I don't find a fan splitter from 6pin to 1x6pin & 1x4pin. When you know a place to buy such a splitter I would love to hear. @IG-88 Genau vor der Sache mit dem "rumspielen" hab ich etwas Bedenken, weil ich mich hier nicht auskenne. Kannst du mir hier eventuell mal ein Beispiel geben? Was hältst du von dem PWM Controller?
  7. Hi LDiamond, thanks for your reply. The noise is not comming from the chassis fan, which comes as factory and is very silent after start. The motherbord does have only one fan pwm connector, 6 PIN, where the chassis fan is connected to. There is no cpu fan pwm connector on the motherboard of the gen8 and so no possibility to control the cpu fan speed, because it can only get power at the moment. That's the reason why I'm searching for a way to control the fan speed of the Akasa K25. Best regards
  8. Hallo zusammen, bisher war ich immer ein großer Fan der Microserver von HP, weshalb ich mir zu meinem geliebten N54L noch einen Gen8 auf Ebay geschossen hatte. Dieser kam schon mit aktiven CPU Lüfter, dem Akasa K25, der bisher über keine Lüftersteuerung verfügt und direkt mit Strom versorgt wird. Das bringt leider eine enorme Lautstärke mit sich, da dadurch der Lüfter stets mit 100% läuft. Nach etwas Recherche sind mir bisher 3 Möglichkeiten bekannt, was ich dagegen tun kann: Aktiven Lüfter gegen passiven Kühlkörper tauschen PWM Controller einbauen (si
  9. @IG-88 : Wow, super! Du wirst damit sicher viele von uns glücklich machen, die einen Gen8 bei sich stehen haben. Vielen, vielen Dank für deine Mühe, freue mich schon sehr darauf !
  10. It seems the usb flash drive was faulty. Did a new one with Jun's loader 1.03, network was working again with it and I could migrate my data after that. Gave me alot of trouble for nothing - if you should stumble over this thread, just make a backup of your config, create a new flash drive and install DSM over it to keep your data.
  11. It seems nobody knows about this bug or whatever failure here is happening. After reading a little bit in the forum someone mentioned to reinstall DSM, when you just delete the system partitions. I did this and I can still access my data with with ubuntu & fdisk, but I can't reinstall DSM. When i plug in my usb run the loader (tried reinstall, too) the diskstation can't be found in my network. I pulled the hard disks and bootet once more, but still nothing. Does anyone has a hint here? I just want to reinstall DSM on my disks and keep my data, but unfortunately I ca
  12. Hi all, I have a strange behaviour with my Microserver Gen8 with 6.2-23739 Update 2. All was working nice and without error for about half a year, when I've shut down the server for holiday. After that, started the server as normally, but when I tried to access the DSM on Port 5000 or 5001 the server was shutting down. The website was showing only the typical Synology log with the message, that the site couldn't be found. I connected with ssh and took a look. When doing the same thing I could see, that the session was aborted with the following message and the server was goin
  13. Good luck, berwhale. Would be great to hear from you and if everything went fine. Maybe this will help me get my open-vm-tools to work. Greetings
  14. Hi Sancome, thx for your efforts, but I get only errors when I'm trying to shutdown or reboot my XPEnology. Used both, the 9.4.6 and 9.10 versions, they both are installed fine in the XPEnology, but when I'm trying to shutdown or reboot the VM in ESXi I get these errors: Vix Errorcode 1 and 3009. Both must mean, that the script can't be run? Using ESXi 5.5 Update 2 and the latest 5.2 XPEnology Release. Hopefully you can help.