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  1. I put together my first xpenology system together a good couple of years ago to function primarily as a Plex server. It's a super simple one hard drive thing and i had no prior knowledge of servers/NAS's etc etc. It's been quite a while now since i last updated DSM as well downloading a new loader and what have you. I was wondering if someone might be able to assist me in updating to the latest DSM version. I know it will be largely the same as when i first installed it and updated it i just want to avoid making a silly mistake and bricking my system. My system as it
  2. I was using Sonarr without any issues until Mono updated and now Sonarr crashes after 60 seconds or so and on the Sonarr forums i read that i need to updated Sonarr within the Sonarr UI. When i try and do this it always fails and i was told it was a permissions issue but I dont really know how to go about solving this and no additional info was given. I was told on another forum that Docker is a useful tool for running things like Sonarr so i decided to try that but whenever i attempted to download an Image within Docker it always says 'Operation Failed'. Again, I dont really know to try a
  3. This is how i've setup port forarding in my DD-WRT router. When I try and connect using my iPad with PPTP it instantly says "You were disconnected by the communication device". If i try with L2TP it says "The L2TP-VPN server did not respond".
  4. Thanks for the reply. I've included screenshots of the relevant settings pages, are there any more I should check? For now im just trying to connect to it within my LAN.
  5. I'm currently running 5644 Update 5 and I cant get any devices (Win10 PC, iOS) to connect to either PPTP or L2TP (haven't tried openvpn yet) and i've read conflicting reports about whether or not VPN Server is broken in Xpenology. If it matters it's a bare metal installation and i've checked to make sure im not blocking any ports or anything.
  6. Since I dont have a genuine Synology NAS I can't register a QuickConnectID and i'm struggling to figure out how to use DS Cloud without it. I'm not trying to do anything too fancy, I just want to sync one folder with one laptop on my network and another folder with a second laptop, also on the network. Trouble is I cant even manage to login to the Client on the NAS itself so i'm a bit lost really. If anyone could help me out i'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  7. Could anyone help me out with the correct procedure in updating Xpenoology as i've never done it before? Currently running 5592 Update 4 and would like to update to 5644. Do I; Update my USB bootloader with XPEnoboot DS3615xs 5.2-5644.1 Then reboot the NAS with new Bootloader, Select 'Install/Upgrade', Once complete and NAS is up and running update in DSM control panel (manual update?)? Thanks
  8. I've just bought the parts to build my own little NAS/HTPC/Whatever and I want to play about with it for a while and learn some new things. I've never done much with VM's aside from VirtualBox so I thought I'd have a go at Esxi and try to run Ubuntu and Xpenology before deciding whether or not to make the system a dedicated NAS or Htpc. Is this actually possible and does anyone decent beginners guides to Esxi? Thanks
  9. Yeah i'm in the UK so unfortunately that website is no good to me
  10. Thanks a lot. I've done some googling but cant seem to find anything on pricing, it doesn't seem to show up on any etailer sites for pre-order or anything.
  11. After finding the HP MS Gen8 too noisy for the small room it has to go in i've decided to built my own NAS with the intention of running Xpenology/DSM. Case, PSU and RAM are already bought but I dont know which CPU/Motherboard combo to go for. I'd like to keep the cost down to about £80 or so and i'm happy to buy 2nd hand to try and get more for my money. I've been looking at the Asrock SoC boards but it looks like they dont have enough grunt for transcoding 1080p with Plex. If £80 cant get me a CPU/Motherboard that can handle Plex transcoding then i'll just give up on the idea of running
  12. I thought i'd try and record the noise my system makes to see what people think. I recorded this with iLo reporting the fan speed to be 12% and after a 7 or 8 seconds you should be able to hear a high pitched buzzing sound. I have a feeling that sound is being produce not by the system fan but by the PSU. Although it isn't especially loud the room it's going in is really very small and the buzzing is very noticeable and extremely annoying. ... sp=sharing Anyone have any thoughts?
  13. I couldn't find anything in the BIOS about the fan setting but i have just logged in to the iLo thingy and according to that my fan is running at 10% but I can still hear it humming and buzzing away loud enough to be distracting
  14. Hi I've never had a server before I bought a Gen8 (this one specifically) with the intention of installing Xpenology/DSM because of it's user friendliness. I went ahead and installed everything without issue and found the Synology UI to be as good as everyone says. The problem I have is that the fan is just too loud for the size of room it's situated in. After doing some googling I discovered that this is a common complaint and it has something to do with the RAID controller. Being a server/NAS noob it all went over my head but as far as i can tell there is basically no way to solve th