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    DSM 6.1.5-15254

    - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.4 15217 Update 5 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.02b - DS3617xs - Installation type: ASRACK E3C224D2I - Additional comments: Requires reboot
  2. bsalvador

    run PFSense in Virtual Machine

    Hello everyone, I want to remove my router and install a PfSense Virtual Machine inside XpEnology DS3617xs. For the LAN part it is OK, the problem is the PPPoE. It seems that I cannot PPPoE from the Virtual Machine, I'm not sure if need network passthrough to the VM (I believe that DSM do not support that). Also, I cannot find PPPoE inside Lan settings on DSM. My ideia was to Connect LAN1(WAN) to the offense VM only, and the LAN2(LAN) will be connected to the switch, providing all the LAN functions (DHCP, etc). I used for some time pfsense inside ESXi, but then I moved to XPEnology bare metal.
  3. bsalvador

    DSM 6.1.4 - 15217

    Updated BareMetal here on DS3617xs, Jun 1.02b - no problem up to now
  4. bsalvador

    Working DSM 6

    I'm using that. FreeNAS is very robust and safe. Run DSM5 on virtualbox to get just the front end for files management and torrents. So far so good.
  5. bsalvador

    Working DSM 6

    Same problem here!
  6. bsalvador

    Problems with initialize the harddrives

    No, I was wrong, it is a Synology issue. Secure erase locks the drives.
  7. bsalvador

    Strange volume creation error

    Install 5592 version and create the volumes. after that you may upgrade.
  8. bsalvador

    Problems with initialize the harddrives

    Same problem here!!! Tried the 5644 version. Now the weird thing. I just did a fresh install on bare metal for the 5592 version with 5592 XPEnoboot and everything was OK. The volume was created correctly. It seems that is not possible to do a fresh install directly on 5644 version. WEIRD THING IS THAT 2 OF MY HDDs ARE NOW WITH A PASSWORD ON HDD BOOT!!! I'm not sure what caused this, as my BIOS do not have option to set HDD password. Maybe Synology is attacking us now?
  9. bsalvador

    Should I use Hypervisor with XPEnology?

    I followed your advice, but I'm having problems to create volumes inside DSM on vSphere 6.0. I have added the hard disks, but when I try to create the volumes I receive the message: "Connection failed. Please check the connection settings" Which I don't have a clue as the network card is working This problem happens also on bare metal!! I`m using DSM 5644.1 XPEnology Boot and PAT.
  10. Hello everyone, Now that I'm rebuilding my XPEnology that was in bare metal, I have one question. What are the advantages of building the XPEnology over Hypervisor? Does the data stay safe? What if some HDD fails? Thanks
  11. bsalvador

    And the experience had a bad end

    I have managed to boot into linux and copy the important data to a spare HDD. Lots of data, need to delete some files to make it fit in 3TB HDD. But I thing that I did not followed the correct procedure to repair the system's partition. I was afraid that I would lose the data. In the migration tutorial from Synology it says that you cannot change the HDDs position in the synology. Does it apply to XPEnology as well? I mean, should we keep track on which HDD is on which SATA port in the motherboard? Thanks
  12. bsalvador

    And the experience had a bad end

    Well, I have been using the XPEnology on bare metal at home. 3 Volumes. Mobo: ASRock E3C224D2I - HDS: -Volume 1: 2x 2TB WD RED (Raid 1) -Volume 2: 2x 3TB WD Green (Raid 0) -Volume 3: 2x 6TB WD Red (Raid 1) But I have experienced problems with the IPMI, I could not get it working anymore, even update the BCM. Suddenly I started facing freezes and it was not possible to access the DSM, but the Web it was OK. I have disassembled the HDDs and put on another mobo with also 6 sata ports, same problem. Hangs on boot. The root cause was that the system was corrupted in the Volume 1, where it had the system installed. I was not able to reinstall without lose the data. What to do in this case? I cannot rely on a system that even with RAID1 it fails when 1 volume fails.
  13. bsalvador

    Power off from the buttom

    Be careful, the tar is replacing the entire folder /usr/syno/etc/rc.d and leaving only the 2 files (acpi and env). If you did this mistake, there is a etc.default folder with all the files to restore. /usr/syno/etc.default