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  1. If someone could find a solution to this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a 45Drives unit that I would like to actually be able to spin up all disks in the chassis. Right now I'm just limiting myself to use only 26 bays. nice to see you again @sbv3000!
  2. Got mine up and running. I now have (2) R210's, (1) R610, and (1) R420 all up and running with XPenology. All of them have their internal SATA/SAS ports disabled and have an E-SAS LSI Controller installed. From there, they tie into a 60 Bay 45Drives Enclosure - Each one ties into one row of 15 drives (13 drives + 2SSDs). All up and running without anything special required. Just needed the 4.1 Extra file. All good to go. Thanks group!!
  3. I have a Dell R210 (non generation II) and it's not working even with the injected extra.lzma file. Any other options?
  4. I honestly haven't seen much about the sataportmap option so I haven't been able to play with it. Supposedly it's there to tell how many ports are on your cards, but when you have 24 port cards, I'm not sure how you denote that. Typically its designed for people with 8 and port cards. So SATAPORTMAP=84 but ... to do double digits -- not sure.
  5. I'm currently running bare metal on 6.1.3. I was thinking about doing virtual, but I'm not sure what that would do to the performance of apps like Plex.
  6. So - I'm back at it again. This guy used my tutorial I had posted here: to get his pod to 58 drives. Here's what I don't understand. I thought there was a limit somewhere to 26 drives based on how Linux creates the drive lettering. Apparently, that's not exactly the case. Here's what I've tried - I have a 45 Drives Storinator and a 60 Drive Storinator. In my 45 drives storinator, I had originally had 3xLSI9201-16i cards. I modded the synoinfo.conf file to account for all 48 drives + 10 drives
  7. I'm ready to test XPenology with DSM6.1 again on my storage pod. I'm looking for anyone that might be able to assist me with compiling the Highpoint Rocket Raid 750 drives into the loader. Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  8. tomtcs


    Has anyone been able to install 3CX on a synology install either directly or with Debian Chroot? I'm a bit stuck on Postgres SQL -- It keeps coming up that the role isn't created.
  9. Yes, as stated during the update process. Would you mind sharing 2.3 so I can test if it loads NIC drivers on my HP DL180 G6?
  10. That was honestly the answer I was looking for. DSM 5 for now - seems perfectly fine for me. I'm just wondering what I'm missing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Can someone give me a run down on what is actually different in DSM 6 vs. DSM 5.2? Lots of us (me included) are trying to run DSM 6. Obviously, a lot of us are trying to run it because its new. But -- What is really different? I've even read some posts that some of the synocommunity apps like Sonarr and NZBGet fail to work out of the box with DSM 6 but work flawlessly with DSM 5. I'm just trying to weigh out my options before i sit here with a crippled HP DL180 G6 for any longer than necessary.
  12. Any update on the 2.3 release? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I can confirm that all you will see on the main screen is what you currently see. However, if you have another computer nearby and connect the two computers between each other with the serial connections at 115200 baud rate, you'll see all the on-screen information and the configuration tool.
  14. Quicknik, I have a console cable connected between my primary desktop and the DL180 G6 so that I can review logs and determine what the issue is with the NIC but I don't know the username/password combination. Your documentation says to look for the root password at the end of the boot sequence, but i don't see anything listed. I'm simply at the DiskStation login: prompt at this point. Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.