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  1. Surveillance station in CMS need to have the same version. Verify that. I have this problem when surveillance station is updated. I need to update all my surveillance station.
  2. ok, thanks, i try to launch it, without reboot !
  3. hi i don't understand, you download this file? https://spk.4sag.ru/packages/hp_ams-5.2_2.5.0-1.spk for me, it not starting! how can you do that?
  4. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 6 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: YES - Installation type: HP Microserver Gen 8 CPU Xeon E31260 - Additional comments: Becareful ... you have to create a new usb key ! I spend 2 hour to understand! if you use extra.lzma, you have to download the version 0.11 for 6.3 (http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=04147311964729253115 for 3615) download also the pat file https://archive.synology.com/download/DSM/release/6.2.3/25426/DSM_DS3615xs_25426.pat extract the zImage file and rd.z and put the 3 files (extra.lzma, zlimage and rd.z) into the usb key. after that... it's working...
  5. Important: the MAC address for the OVA is 0011322CA785 threrefore the VM won't start
  6. DSM62.7z.002download the 2 file, and extract it with 7zip
  7. Here the ova file, if you don't want to create the file! MAC=0011322CA785 DSM62.7z.001
  8. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.2-24922-2 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3615 - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - HP microserver g8 gt1610 - Additional comments: Reboot required
  9. Hi, I'll explain the step to create a DSM 6.2 on virtual machine manager 1/ download the xpenology vmdk (https://mega.nz/#!fdBWBJYB!P3MbGY2v_X_udUhaSgVBQZ74KNRf7vtjMCO39u1I91Y) 2/ extract only synoboot.vmdk 3/ download the 6.2 loader Jun 1.03b(https://mega.nz/#!OV4gVKyZ!dCgfXx1bgAOyvbFwFiov3s7RSNoFuqnAcNmSllLoUiw) 4/ extract only synoboot.img and copy it in the same directory to synoboot.vmdk 5/ Download and install vmware workstation 15 pro (eval version) 6/ if you want, you can change Serial and MAC on synoboot.img (use ofsmount, and modify grub.cfg) the default mac is 00:11:32:2C:A7:85, you will need it later in vmware 7/ create a new VM on vmware workstation: - Custom (advanced) - Harware compatibility workstation 15.x - check "i will install the operating system later" - Linux, other linux 3.x kernel 64-bit - Virtual machine name: DSM62 for example - CPU 1, core 1 - RAM: 2048 MB - Use Network address translation (NAT) - LSI logic - SATA (default is scsi) - Use an existing virtual disk - select synoboot.vmdk - Finish - right click on the VM, click on settings, * Add a new hard drive (10 Gb), SATA, store virtual disk as a single file, after create, click on disk, and advanced, virtual device mode: SATA 1:0 * after select Network Adapter, click on Advanced, end at botton, write the MAC address - Start the VM, ensure that when you boot, you select "DS3615xs 6.2 Baremetal with jun's Mod v1.03b" (IMPORTANT!!!) - select the VM, then, click on File, Export to OVF, now, change the extension to OVA. 8/ On synology virtual machine manage - click on create button, selec import - import from OVA - select the OVA that you have just generated - select your vm repository - write a name, modify (if you want) cpu and RAM - virtual disk: 10 GB - network: important, select e1000, and put the mac - and finish to create the vm - when the vm is create, you have to add a SATA drive (10GB also) - start the VM - find your DSM in synology assistant - Install manually the pat file https://archive.synology.com/download/DSM/release/6.2/23739/DSM_DS3615xs_23739.pat Done, your dsm6.2 is installed, you just need to install surveillance station.
  10. Hi yes, i just arrived to update to dsm 6.2 but not the last update.
  11. le.pipo007

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    MANY MANY MANY thanks sadycus yesterday i have receive my network card from amazon, i plug it into my microserver gen8, disabled integrated network, and i have update successfully from dsm 6.1 to 6.2.1 U6 ! PERFECT ! just a little problem, HP-AMS no more working ash-4.3# /sbin/amsHelper -I0 -M1,5,14,16,18,23,99 This program requires the host to have a HP Integrated Lights Out 4 (iLO 4) BMC i have ilo firmware 2.61 (the last one) Does anyone have success use hp-AMS on DSM 6.2.1 u6? Regards.
  12. Hi, I just update my microserver gen8 to the last DSM 6.2.1 u6 HP AMs not working, i follow your recommandation, but not working ash-4.3# /sbin/amsHelper -I0 -M1,5,14,16,18,23,99 This program requires the host to have a HP Integrated Lights Out 4 (iLO 4) BMC i have ilo firmware 2.61 Does anyone have success use hp-AMS on DSM 6.2.1.? Regards.
  13. i don't understand, the OVA are in the 4 zip file, i can download it!