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  1. Hi Trantor, Please, can you add the driver for AX88179 Gigabit Ethernet USB 3.0 in your 4.3 release? Thank you!
  2. Hi Trantor, Please, can you add the driver for AX88179 Gigabit Ethernet USB 3.0 in your 4.3 release? Thank you!
  3. Can you make a list of required options to build ? I read in the hyper-v that the built-in drivers are staging are very buggy... Not the full list, only a few: * For VMWARE: - PVSCSI: vmw_pvscsi.ko - VMXNET3: vmxnet3.ko - VMCI: vmw_vmci.ko & vmw_vsock_vmci_transport.ko - Ballon: vmw_balloon.ko * For Hyper-V: - Device Drivers --> Network device support --> "Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Network Support" - Device Drivers --> Microsoft Hyper-V guest support --> "Microsoft Hyper-V utilities driver" & "Microsoft Hyper-V Ballon driver" - Device Driver
  4. Hi, Request: ASIX AX88179 USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet This implies add the xHCI driver !!
  5. Hi, Simple suggestion: Please, add all drivers related to virtualization. Several of them are included in the source of the Linux kernel. This will facilitate the deployment inside VMware, Hyper-V and Virtualbox. Best!
  6. Hi, Change the USB pendrive for another one. Install in the new pendrive the 1.2 repack. After boot, you have the new version with OHCI support.
  7. Hi Ollie, OHCI USB support is already included in the repack 4.2 v1.2 Regards!
  8. Avec quine version vous installé la release 4.3 ?
  9. Please Trantor, add also support for LVM mirror. See: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=915#p4291 You only need to add this three modules: dm-mirror.ko, dm-region-hash.ko and dm-log.ko
  10. No, this means that the next version (4.3) is on road. Now at BETA stage. TN.
  11. For reset settings: restore the USB boot device! It's easy! TN.
  12. Hi, When you load the module the interface isn't configured. You need to manually configure it! See some Linux Ubuntu HowTo about configure an USB external NIC. TN.
  13. totalnas

    DSM 4.3 Beta

    Hi, News about DSM v.4.3: * Beta available for download (for originial hardware): * Demo of the UI (admin/synology): http:// * Username: admin Password: synology TN
  14. Je pense que vouz pouvez utiliser directement le fichier binaire de la version 4.2. Elle est différente de la version publique à le repositorie. Les toolchain sont le même, et il faut compiler avec le kernel 3.2.30. On pense la même chose!
  15. Hi, I feel that the answer is NO! I explain: You can schedule by software a shutdown on a specific time. You can configure your BIOS to boot at specific time. But, you need to create a software that changes your bios values to set the new boot time. This is a hard work! Workaround: Configure your XPEnology to Wake-On-Lan, and use your router (with OpenWRT or another custom distribution) to wakeup your XPEnology at specific time. TN.
  16. Hi Trantor, I feel that you need to also enable: PATA_LEGACY PATA_CMD640 PATA_VIA PATA_WINBOND PATA_SIL680 PATA_RDC PATA_PDC2027X PATA_MARVELL PATA_JMICRON PATA_CMD64X I think that this include 99% of current systems. Or you can enable as a module all of current Linux-3.x PATA drivers. TN
  17. Bonjour Trantor! Vouz pouvez utilizer le toolchain de la version 4.1 ! Avec cette version je peux compiler le kernel et drivers de 4.2 Il n'y a pas de différence! ... omolow%29/ TN.
  18. Hi, Anyone can test if this new release has IDE support? viewtopic.php?f=2&t=937
  19. Hi, boot a Linux LiveCD using some free virtualization hypervisor (VMware Player or VirtualBox) and connect the USB stick to the virtual machine. You can edit the grub.conf file without any problem! TN
  20. Hi, Yes, tested with "virtual" IDE. The version compiled specifically for ESXi has IDE support at boot. And it works without any problem as boot device. I feel that if some developer adds support for legacy IDE devices in the kernel you can use it also for raid. Ask for it!
  21. Hi, Related to this post, when I insert a USB 3.0 host card, the system generates a kernel panic when the driver xhci is loaded. I feel that the the new "usbcore.ko" can be incompatible with the original one. To other developers: Can you try to enable the ohci driver and test USB 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 hardware? Thank you!
  22. Sure, you need to update the version of the "usbcore.ko" module See: In my system the driver is working (connected to an USB 2.0 port). You need to configure the new ethX manually.
  23. No, without additional modules (drivers). Yo need to compile Linux drivers for the kernel and add the modules to the kernel that you are running.
  24. Si vous connectez cettes disques a une PC with Linux (Ubuntu), vouz pouvez acceder à le filesystem. Raid SHR = LVM2 + Linux Software RAID.
  25. How to compile the driver for new releases: 1) Setup the environment to compile the XPEnology kernel/modules (I don't explain this). 2) Download the driver sources for Linux from 3) Go to "x86_64-linux-gnu/source/linux-3.x/drivers/net/usb/" and copy these source files from the package: "asix.h" and "ax88179a.c" 4) Edit file "x86_64-linux-gnu/source/linux-3.x/drivers/net/usb/Makefile" and add this line "obj-$(CONFIG_USB_NET_AX88179) += ax88179_178a.o" 5) Edit file "x86_64-linux-gnu/source/linux-3.x/drivers/net/usb/Kcon