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  1. J'ai exactement le même problème. J'ai écris au support technique qui a répondu assez rapidement. Voici leur réponse : Thank you for contacting Synology support! Please try setting the DNS server settings (DSM Control Panel>Network>check off "Manually configure DNS server") to use the Google public DNS servers of and for the preferred and alternative respectively. Additionally, if IPv6 is enabled on the network interface (DSM Control Panel>Network>Network Interface tab>edit LAN connection>IPv6), I would recommend disabling it, as having IPv6 has caused issues trying to connect to units in the past. Also, if you have Jumbo Frames configured on the network interface, please try disabling the setting. This can be configured from DSM Control Panel>Network>Network Interface tab>edit LAN connection>disable jumbo frames. This is a setting that has to be configured universally across the network and can cause issues if improperly configured. Lastly, please make sure that there is a valid default gateway set in DSM Control Panel>Network. This will typically be x.x.x.1 or x.x.x.254 where x.x.x=the first 3 segments of the DiskStation IP address. It will also usually be printed somewhere on the router. Malheureusement, ça n'a pas résolu mon problème. Je leur ai dit et j'attends une autre réponse.
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