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  1. Hi folks. As I spent more than a while looking for a solution for this issue, with no success (really didnt want to change mb, and password protection of BIOS does not work in mine) I thought it would be a good idea to post my own fix here for future reference to people with the same problem It's quite rudimentary but it works like a charm and you'll need to spend only five bucks, or even less if you already have the required "equipment" https://juanjodominguez.wordpress.com/2 ... -continue/ It's spanish written, but you can use an online translator, and of course, ask what you want here (only remember that translators do some funny things to texts. Use logic or ask )
  2. Hola, buenas Como llevaba tiempo buscando, sin éxito, una solución para el tema del reseteo de la CMOS y el consiguiente "Press F1 to continue" que imposibilita los reinicios remotos, etc, y para aquellos que también lo sufran , dejo aquí una solución al mismo... Pedestre, sí, pero funciona perfectamente... https://juanjodominguez.wordpress.com/2 ... -continue/
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