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  1. Hey Guys, I am pretty new to esxi but I got Jun's loader working with a single instance on esxi. Unfortunately, when I go to create another VM, the synology assistant won't find it. When I turn off VM1 and start up VM2, VM2 magically becomes available (on the same IP that VM1 previously possessed). It seems like the VM isn't getting a fresh IP from VMWare. This may be an esxi-specific problem, but I was hoping someone here could help me out. Thanks.
  2. hokies

    Working DSM 6

    Bare-metal works great I got around the 'mount at reboot' by putting the mount command in /etc/crontab to run every minute. ** WARNING: Do not enable DockerDSM unless you have multiple NICs or you'll lost network connectivity to you box **
  3. So I had this exact same issue, while I don't have an answer to why, I know for a fact that the VPN server did not like me logging in as the user that I first created with the initial install (or admin user). So what I did was create a user with no super privileges named 'vpnuser' and magically it allowed me to login as that user. I have no reason why, but give it a try.
  4. hokies

    Working DSM 6

    has anyone gotten this working with virtualbox? do i add all .vmdk to the vm?
  5. Running latest and greatest DSM+XPEN on my IBM Thinkserver TS140. Baremetal, no vm. Everything is working great with the exception of the internal VPN server. According to netstat, the ports are open and listening but whenever a client tries to connect I see this in the logs: Aug 26 08:11:27 servername pppd[28011]: Peer cooluser failed CHAP authentication Aug 26 08:11:27 servername pptpd[28010]: CTRL: EOF or bad error reading ctrl packet length. Aug 26 08:11:27 servername pptpd[28010]: CTRL: couldn't read packet header (exit) Aug 26 08:11:27 servername pptpd[28010]: CTRL: CTRL read failed If i run the same configuration on my real synology (DS213J), it works fine. Note, I have not yet changed my mac address/serial on this server, but I wouldn't think that would matter here. Any help or insight? This is the only thing stopping me from migrating completely over to Xpenology. Thanks!