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  1. you need to make it by youre self because everyone has own setup.
  2. What about this forum owner does he get any letters to shutdown or delete some threads from this forum? btw according to IG-88 last Github update was on 31th Oct.
  3. stil no response guys, the whole group is not replying hope they are all fine.
  4. Thank you to pointing me to that, you guys are to great . i am a noob when its comes to linux but right now i did manage to get it to work . So right now i am trying to add a 64 GB usb flash drive as a internal drive ( fooling synology ) to get manage my usbdrive as the way as internal drive.
  5. I need a help on synoinfo.conf file in /etc/ and /etc.defaults folder. after editing and saving the synoinfo.conf file in both dir and reboot the files were back in originele version does anyone know how that come? i need to change some parts there for testing but got no luck because it restore back to originel file . with jun loader its works perfect by the way. i dont know if synology checks after reboot the files or somehow they are not letting to edit the file. i am editing them as root and it saves it also even after few hours it shows ok without reboo
  6. thnx @jun and @Polanskiman for the all hard work.
  7. fly

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    yes i did but i dont see the ip either in routher
  8. fly

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    hi guys, i tried everything but i cant find the DS on or assistant software. i thing me netwerk driver is not support but still tested with 3 pcs with different network cards. Any help here guys i am running still DSM 5.
  9. hi guys, i rebooted several times with no luck, my update went automatically yesterday en since then cant do anything with nas. because no hdd is found and all services is down. if i log and try to change things like restoring settings or pointing hdd get a error ( The operation failed. plz log in to dsm and retry ) i reboot more then 10 times already with upgrade funtion and also debug mode stil the same. also i dont see ip adres in system health wiget or uptime. System internal service [synobackupd, hotplugd, synostoraged] failed to start. Please contact Synology support fo