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  1. Well I got it back online. The only thing that is a problem now is to do the forwarding to the NAS to my domain. I had made a backup of the configuration but not all went back again. My files luckily are ok.
  2. Yes very sure because I switched off the upgrades only the improvements were switched on and I checked the number.
  3. Well with all went wrong. My server rebooted and now it is not starting anymore. When I run the Assistant it reports that the internal IP address is changed and that I have to install everything again. Anybody has a suggestion? I hope I didn't lost all of my data .....
  4. I have the strange thing that although all of my files are still on the NAS Video, Audio and Photo Station doesn't see them anymore. A synchronization doesn't help also. This came after the upgrade... Anybody has suggestions?
  5. I can also confirm that a update is possible! I updated to the latest version and experienced in the beginning also boot trouble. My NAS didn't anymore on the "old" software so I had to do something to make it work again. Thanks to tthe tip for newer software I made it work again and all of my data was still there
  6. I have bought a domain for my NAS including a SSL certicate and I managed to setup almost everything only I want the last thing; forward the NAS from my home IP to the domain. Now when I type the IP then I don't get SSL but if I can forward it then it will. Does anybody know how I can do that?
  7. Ok for the ones that wants to know; All is working fine......
  8. Ok after some playing I now run into a few things and I hope that somebody can explain what to do. 1. I had a 250GB disk in my NAS and I wanted to upgrade it and put a 1TB in it but after that all went wrong. I couldn't add it and I thought ok I will reboot and that brings me to point... 2. After the rebboot the NAS wouldn't start. I had to pull out the other 3 disks which were added later and inserted the first disk, The NAS started then but after I put back the 3 others they were not initialized anymore.... 3. My question is now if my NAS is virtual or hardware installed. I have the US
  9. So far the last update; I think I got pretty much everything up and running hahaha. The only thing I am not sure is if it is a VM running or a hardware running. Edit: And I need also to update the thing. That's the last challenge.....
  10. Second update: Point 3 is working because my TV sees the NAS in the network. Now I still have the problem to connect from outside the house......
  11. Update: I got it working hehehe. Now I have about 3 things left; 1. Upgrade of the NAS 2. Make it accessible from outside through Internet 3. Make it UpNp or something like that so that my music is streaming with my TV If somebody has suggestions in between then that would be great
  12. Well I am already a little bit stuck. I made the USB stick with XPEoboot and put it in the Data Vault. First I removed all the HDD's and used another (250GB) HDD to make it the system drive. The Data Vault starts but the USB stick isn't doing anything and in the assistant there is nothing. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. I do give a crap hahaha. I found you're adventure and very soon I will start also. Correct me if I am wrong but I want to start simple because I don't have a VGA cable: 1. Make a boot USB 2. Install the software on a external HDD on my computer 3. Take out all of the HDD's and also the one were my OS is now and use the new one 4. Hoping that I can connect and have a working system........
  14. I have read from those German guys although my German is not so good (even when I am Dutch hahaha). You mean I take out the HDD and connect it to my computer and install initially first there?
  15. Hello, I already searched and read quite a lot on this forum but to be honest I am new to this and although I am quite technical I still need some help or advice on this if that is alright. My material is a HP Data Vault X510 with 4GB installed and running (at the moment) Windows Home Server from 2009. This software is obsolete and to be honest you can't do very much with it specially web-based. Now I was looking around for replacement and I came across this and it looks very appealing because a friend of mine has a Sinology and I have seen how nice the software works and (correct m