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  1. @Aigor : Yes i've got some warning but after enabling storage drivers, you will get errors and you will have to patch them. After pathing them, modules will build but lot's of them will not work... I can make a diff patch if you want ?
  2. @nemesis122 : put disks on port 1,2,3,4 and put SataPortMap=4 in grub.cfg SataPortMap=4 means first 4 ports of 1st controler. SataPortMap=44 means first 4 ports of 1st controler and first 4 ports of 2nd controler. SataPortMap=422 means first 4 ports of 1st controler, first 2 ports of 2nd controler and first 2 ports of 3rd controler.
  3. The problem is not the NIC as broadcom and realtek are present. I think it's because Gen7 have AMD cpu but vanilla kernel is build only for Intel :/ To make it to work, I (or someone else) need to rebuild full kernel & modules but... i will be busy for next days
  4. I've posted the source on this post viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20216&p=74348#p74348 I use gcc from branch 7393 and kernel from branch 7274. But beware, some modules need to be patched to work in a non syno box (like lsi sas). You can find developper.pdf to help you to build modules or kernel. ramdisk.lzma is rd.gz from .pat file. (you can make your own from pat or reuse jun one or mine) use unlzma to uncompress, and cpio to extract. Make change, again use cpio tu make a new container and lzma to compress it. Hybrid EFI/BIOS is made from grub-install from ubuntu installed in EFI mod
  5. No DVB drivers included
  6. XPE5 would be fine
  7. Can you provide a full lsmod / dmesg / lspci on pastebin from a working linux ? As the cpu is an AMD and no Syno have amd cpus, I think lot's of drivers are missing :/
  8. Yes, I merged OP ramdisk inside mine
  9. i've added tg3 and mlx4 drivers with last jun's version :!J1UG1SxY!lkZ67BHhbr8b ... p9FgpqMs44 It's still hybrid efi & bios . Sorry for the size, I forgot to cleanup FAT32...
  10. ash-4.3# lsmod | grep mlx mlx4_en 95156 0 mlx4_core 241699 1 mlx4_en mlx_compat 5500 2 mlx4_en,mlx4_core compat 4337 3 mlx_compat,mlx4_en,mlx4_core ash-4.3# lsmod | grep tg3 tg3 149448 0 libphy 18069 1 tg3 ash-4.3# I make a .img and I post it
  11. kernel sources uploaded : Edit: quicknick was faster
  12. I'm uploading synology branch7274 that quicknick gave me Edit: I think it would be good if we make a versionned repo to patch next versions
  13. chipnick gave me sources of 7274 some months ago, I had successfully made a kernel for my hardware (intel cpu, realtek nic, pch sata) but install always failled at 56% and after lot's of days & nights, I gave up. Jun succeeded where I failed with his module
  14. Yes, I will make a new version with jun's latest changes . I will try a ramdisk with mellanox and broadcom, but with no warranty as I don't have hardware to test them.
  15. Can you boot a linux (ubuntu for ex) and give me the name of the module used by your network card ? I will build it .