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  1. New problem is that my NAS automatically powers down with power schedule but doesn't power up again via the schedule that's blank.... Any surgestions please or can I better downgrade?
  2. I haven't seen my max RAM use over 1gb so I should try first how 2GB works, updating to 4GB is always an option for later.
  3. I updated my NAS a couple of days to DSM 5.2-5592.2 with the new bootloader, but since then some things are not working any more. I can't see the smart data from my hard disks any more and my network-speed is constantly showing 0kb/s, but my lan speeds are fine... Another weird thing is that my power schedule disappears but it still shuts down on the time I set Any suggestions? I'm running a Asrock b85m itx board with a Pentium G3258
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