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  1. Hi, did you upgrade your firmware? Did it work ok? About to upgrade to the 2016 fw on my Gen8 but worried in case it breaks something! EDIT: upgraded, no issues at all. Fans even spin slower so quieter too! mrchris76
  2. Thanks for that demon_sl Will try that out tonight. -mrchris
  3. Hey all, Just updated to DSM 5.0 Update 7 on my HP N40L, no longer able to mount my encrypted shared folder. I just get an error message saying "The operation failed. Please log in to DSM and try again". Key is definitely correct, worked fine as of yesterday whilst I was still on Update 3. Anybody else had this problem? Hopefully I can recover data, I've seen a number of things to try including mounting in on another linux box. -mrchris76
  4. Hi All, Firstly, great work Trantor. Really pleased you're able to spend time on this for the community! So, my problem. I have successfully installed 5.0 beta on my HP N40L (upgrade from 4.3 3810) but the problem is that even though DSM sees the 3x2TB hdds installed there is no "disk group" so the only thing that shows up in the file manager is the USB stick itself, not my data. Getting a bit worried now and don't want to stuff things up further. Anyone have any ideas? I could have a go at downgrading and have seen the post relating to that but there appear to be some differences
  5. If there is some sort of trojan or root kit in this then we're all fcked however, I keep a close eye on network traffic going into and out of my network and haven't seen anything that would cause me to worry. I don't expose any network ports from my HP N40L to the internet anyway. If it was root kitted (hey anything is possible!) then yeah I'm not likely to see anything dodgy using the tools on the box anyway. For now I am going to continue enjoying DSM on my HP N40L! It is awesome. -mrchris76
  6. I am not worried about this, I personally doubt there is a security issue with running DSM on non-syno hardware. I'd suspect that guy got hacked via some other unrelated method. just my 2c.
  7. This didn't work for me, either changing it in the 'vender' file or changing the menu.lst / grub.conf. My HP N40L ignores whatever I put in for some reason.
  8. try logging in as root instead of admin, should be same password I think?
  9. what port to use? default is port 22, but I can't connect using this one. You need to enable SSH in DSM. Click Control Panel, Terminal and then click enable SSH. port 22 will then be open with SSH listening on it.
  10. I'm sure you've see this post viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6&start=10#p124 ? 1. From windows get something link WinSCP 2. From within WinSCP connect to your NAS as the "admin" user 3. Copy all .ko files into /lib/modules (on the NAS) 4. reboot. Now you should see USB drives. Worked for me anyway -mrchris
  11. I have my N40L box running well with DSM 4.2. Having a problem with the MAC address though. I have changed it using both methods suggested in this thread, using a hex editor on the 'vender' file to put in the correct MAC address and also adding in the mac1= line in the menu.lst (grub.conf). Both to no effect, each time I boot up I get a new DHCP address assigned to the box and the MAC address is not the one I have entered in. No big deal really I guess as its all working nicely but would be good to know why my changes are not being noticed. Any ideas? mrchris
  12. Just registered to say thanks to those responsible for getting DSM working on the HP N40L. Just stumbled across this forum and now have my HP N40L running DSM 4.1 (need to find new link to 4.2). Awesome work