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  1. Quick question; we know that the GPU is there to handle the AI but does our choice of CPU matter for anything?
  2. This is great news. It is good to know that we are not limited to a single GPU and this may open up the door for even more power with SS
  3. I wonder if the GTX1050 failed on the basis of having Pascal cores and the 1650 having Turing or if it is a case where they somehow hardcoded the 1650 into the code.
  4. @OrphéeIs the GPU hardcoded the same way that the CPU is? Also, I plan on testing with a similar GPU that I have laying around just because theoretically, if it works with you GTX1650, it should work with anything supported by the Linux display driver but it is no harm, no foul since I'm not spending any money. If it doesn't work, I know where to put my money
  5. This is so awesome. Would the advanced AI features need the SN/Mac of a DVA3221 or any box? Since I don't connect my stuff to the internet anyway, I wouldn't mind using what I currently have. The GPU is where I'm stuck. I was looking at getting a T1000 because its specs are nearly identical to the 1650 with a lower power requirement and profile. I think I'm going to go for the gusto..lol. Thanks for replying and you working on this.
  6. So I'm in the boat of wanting to run a DVA3221 next to my 1621+. If we have a spare nvidia GPU lying around, we are able to run the complete system baremetal?
  7. I'm extra lost now...lol. This is working in Virtualbox but won't let me do anything in ESXi or VMWare Player. So I'm going to install the .pat and then create an OVA and try to install from there. *crosses fingers* ----------------------------------------------------------- I'll be doggone if that didn't work. I had to install DSM in Virtualbox, create an OVA but that didn't work in ESXi, so I had to run it in VMWare Player and then use vCenter Converter to move it to esxi but it picked everything up, didn't lose data, though I had to recreate users and reinstall packages. Everything
  8. I usually try to handle my own problems but this has been kicking my butt all day. I've finally decided to update my box but now I can't even load the the dang .pat file. Synology Assistant sees the NAS, and I'm able to ping it but when I try to reach the Web Assistant, it is telling me that connection failed and I need to check my settings. I've opened up the firewall and nothing. I've used the 10.3 custom esxi and 10.5 and both are giving me the same issue. My setup is below 4 Cores 4GB RAM 10.3/10.5 VDMK with 8GB second drive (VM Paravirtual) LSI 1068E IT Mode passthrough with 4
  9. I've been trying to install this on ESXi 5.5 and everytime I run a discovery with Synology Assistant, I get the "findhostd users obsolote (PF_INET, SOCK_PACKET)" error and nothing will come up when I go to the site. Am I the only one having this issue with this image?
  10. @r.og - I believe that he was running the version that he did the guide for. I'm still in the process of setting mine up, but because I used some of my Server build budget to buy a new Nexus 7 (lol), I have to cheap out and use the BR10i and hope that work..lol. @kwiky - I don't know for sure but hopefully, he will chime in with some info
  11. Actually, tuatara got his M1015 (flashed to IT mode) working in pass through. Do you still have the stock firmware on the lsi2008 or did you flash it to IT mode?
  12. A serious kick-ass box you're building there! Personally though ... I went SSD for datastores, and I'm not going back. Ever. 'Nuff Sed. So, if you've got the 'spare change', put the core VMs on SSD ... just brilliant. Thanks! I wanted SSDs but I still can't justify cost per GB. The Velociraptors are also from my previous whitebox so I'm saving money on that front...lol. And that's good to hear regarding the M1015.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I'm in the process of building another whitebox and was going to test this out. *My Whitebox Specs* *Supermicro X9SRE-3F *Intel Xeon E5-2430L *64GB Kingston ECC RAM *4x 300GB WD Velociraptor for Datastores *M1015 that I was going to IT Mode *NORCO SS-500 5-Bay Hot Swap *5x WD 2tb RED Harddrive I really wanted to use the M1015 for the SATA 3 port and that's why I was asking about the RAID card.
  14. How are you doing? I came across this post and I was wondering what controller you found to be the most stable. I just prefer controller passthrough instead of RDM.