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  1. Hey ganddy and Sl0n, thanks for your support! The problem persisted because the additional config attribute within the syslinux.cfg had to be placed behind each APPEND-line. That said, I re-installed on my ESXi Box and it fixed the glitch
  2. It seems quite odd to me that when following the guide and installing DSM, right after I confirmed the formatting of drive 1 and 3 (although I use the exact setup as mentioned), when attempting to boot, it says that I don't have an operating system. Did the install routine format the IDE-VMDK for booting? Whats's the best way to get that running?
  3. Can anyone supply a Ported Version of v4.3 for ESXi 5.x? I actually only need a working synoboot vmdk, since the mentioned link is down. I'd appreciate it and will gladly host it on a webserver so others can enjoy it, too.
  4. I am very happy to hear that finally Diskstation is available on x86 Hardware Could someone please provide a bootable disc image which is possible to me mounted using ESX or should I create a USB Stick and pull its content to be stuffed into a bootable iso image? Greets from rainy Germany