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  1. Hello all, is there a 32 bit build too, i want to try and run it on a P4 ? Anyone got that working ?
  2. Is it possible to install on a 1 core machine ? ie: x86 instead of x64
  3. Ok i changed the settings in scemd.xml in /usr/syno/et and etc.default After this the workstation doesn't shutdown with a temperature error anymore but it shutsdown with a power failure. I think it is not the dsm that is shutting it down now but the bios from the unit itself.
  4. Hello all, I have a small problem, everytime the dsm shuts down because of overheating hardware, anyone knows the files i need to edit to prevent this from happening. *edit* I have found some info on the net to disable the temperature shutdown, but after changing that the machine shutsdown with a powerfailure, i try and find the cause and post the steps i took later.