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  1. I already have locally updated sources for 918+ v 7.0.1 with support for extensions. The problem is, that TTG's extensions also needs to be updated to support 7.0.1 or someone has to fork them and modify... edit: so I've decided to wait for official support for 7.0.1. Until that I will stay on my current 7.0.1. Good for me that it is stable
  2. So it looks like this problem is connected to DS3615xs. I'm running DS918+. One week ago I was running DS3615xs on the same baremetal (xeon E3-1265L V4, MB MSI Z97I ACK GAMING) machine with same dockers (this time I had InfluxDB docker runnig) and everything was working stable.
  3. I've created InfluxDB container but at this moment I have no connection to db. I'll let you now if anything happens. Im using few containers and everything is working great (gitlab, roon-server, mincraft server) btw: I've found this info, which looks very similar to your problems: https://access.redhat.com/solutions/1354963
  4. The good information is that according to internet Xeon E3-1265L V4 has support for MOVBE. My problem was connected to intel iommu driver and I've resolved this issue by reconfiguring this driver. From now my DSM is stable and user_config.json looks like this (vid/pid/sn/mac are different of course ) It will (should) have impact only for virtual machines inside DSM which I don't have
  5. I've build new image and installation was stopping at 56%. After cleaning everything once again, removing all images from docker and building image one more time it is working correctly.
  6. In user_config.json add "intel_iommu" : "igfx_off" in section extra_cmdline and compile loader again.
  7. In my case there were lot of logs like this: It looks like there is an error in kernel (it is not the latest one) in iommu. After disabling this driver my NAS is rocket solid (excluding strange logs from bootup ;-))
  8. Hi, I've question: Is such log normal or is something bad in my system:
  9. I've resolved this issue by adding extra parameter to linux kernel (to grub command line): intel_iommu=igfx_off. In my case it was caused by some error in kernel.
  10. My my fault. I was trying to set conservative same as @WiteWulf but my system is not supporting such parameter - powersave works ok. Thanks for all
  11. Hello again. I've got question: how can I add additional param to kernel. I want to pass intel_iommu=off. Is user_config.json a good place for that? edit: unfortunatelly my DS918+ hangs up after adding photos to Photo app and after starting face recognition (I guess).
  12. It doesn't work on my setup. Currently DS918+(cpu xeon, motherboard MSI Z97I GAMING ACK). I've got such error: -ash: echo: write error: Invalid argument I cannot write to this file even using vi. Am i doing something wrong?
  13. I'm not sure about that. Currently I'm working on DSM 6.2.4 from ds3615xs and face recognition is working very well. Video transcoding is not working because I couldn't find valid SN and MAC for ds3615xs.
  14. What kind of problem is fixed by this parameters? edit: I've got it