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  1. Have installed update 3 today virtualized on kvm and had no disk after the restart from the Update. After next reboot everything is working fine again. just reboot at minimum twice and everything should work as expected edit: experienced off behavior: update 3 disabled my rsync. i had to reenable it. but again aft er that it seems like it is fully functioning
  2. funktioniert das netzwerk mit bridge überhaupt? getestet mit ner live dvd linux oder so?
  3. du willst mikroserver --> esxi --> vm mit dsm ... machen oder wie seh ich das? dann in der vm musst nen zeitplan machen da esxi deine vm nicht herunterfahren kann da du dort keine vmwaretools hast und dein esxi selbst kann zeitgesteuert herunter fahren. selbst wenn er das nicht könnte würde ein einfaches script reichen welches du per cron antriggerst oder auch von ner anderen maschine aus per ssh. Warum keine Bare Metal Installation?
  4. Hello everyone, can someone explain to me why there is no warning anymore in the security advisor like the one in the version before 5.2? there was a "abnormal settings detected or something like that and it showed the usersettings.cgi which included the PWND string" Have you guys changed the way around the synology restrictions? or have you modified the security advisor to not detect the false positive anymore? thank you for your great work best regards