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  1. After the update should i be editing als this before rebooting again " . Enable SHR on DS3615xs, DS3617xs and DS3622xs+: Edit synoinfo.conf per above, changing the parameter supportraidgroup from "yes" to "no". It is no longer required to comment out this line, or add "support_syno_hybrid_raid" to the configuration file. Despite the implications of this parameter being set, Raid Groups continue to be supported and DSM will create Raid Group enabled Storage Pools, with the added bonus of the option for SHR available in the UI.
  2. Still fails @ 55% when uploading the pat file TARGET_PLATFORM : broadwellnk TARGET_VERSION : 7.1.0 TARGET_REVISION : 42661
  3. I create usb stick with latest TC My NAS boots and can access TC Terminal The Follow up on the tutorial https://xpenology.club/install-dsm-7-on-baremetal-or-vm/ After restart NAS boots up fine, says I can migrate from 6.1.3 And Asks for the Pat to be uploaded Then choose the pat from https://global.download.synology.com/download/DSM/release/7.0.1/42218/DSM_DS3622xs%2B_42218.pat When uploading , around 50% it fails. Am I missing some step ??
  4. I'm using now Jun's loader 1.4 With latest DSM version 6,1,7-15284-update 3 Can I upgrade to DSM 7.1 with the Redpill and wich pack to choose x3615 ????
  5. I've try d with the 1,03b loader, and the 1,04 loader both giving the same result
  6. i'm having the same problem have a working build with ds3615/6.1.7/1.02b. and would like to update also. The Stick boots, but stays on Screen will stop updating .... Not getting the booting kernel message Does not find the nas Asus B150-PLUS on intel i5-6400
  7. Would like those commands to
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