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  1. Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you will probably have heard about Wireguard - an emerging alternative to OpenVPN for quick, simple and secure VPN access. It's nothing short of amazing and very fast. It's so innovative that Linus Torvalds has cleared it for direct inclusion into the upcoming Linux kernel 5.6. Unfortunately, it's not an option for DSM, even with Docker, because it requires the Wireguard kernel-mode extensions compiled into the kernel (which we can't easily do). Enter an obscure docker module "masipcat/wireguard-go", compiled by an MIT researcher with a us
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  2. Case #2: Secure NFS access to DSM folder I run a VPS (virtual cloud server) to host a number of websites. I use VEEAM for Linux Free edition to back up all my Linux servers. However, VEEAM requires a NFS or SMB share on which to store the backup. This backup went to a second VPS server on the same hosting service, accessible via private network. I decided to try and use Wireguard to make my own XPEnology DSM storage accessible as a backup target for VEEAM, thus saving the cost of the second VPS server. Note that if we tried to use Synology's OpenVPN to provide this access, we ex
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