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  2. tahanks for your answer
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  3. If you are running un-patched version and you allow DDNS through your Firewall and hackers own your machine - they can possibly own other machines on the network. Your role is to limit the surface of attack: - limit countries that can connect - limit IP's that can connect - set timing on firewall open / close ports (pfsense can open / close ports by schedule) - set ports that are not standard for synology (not 5000 / 5001) - set IP blocking for brute-force attacks (limit how many failed logins can happen from 1 ip address) - put your Synology on a sepa
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  4. not sure how i came to 4 x1G ports for the 1621+ but there seem to be 2x1G and 1x10G port, so its not that bad after all maybe synology will have m.2 nvme usable as normal data volume later with 7.0? qnap does support that (and even more) so they need to move or people will not consider them for a new unit anymore, 2 slots in the unit and 2 more as pcie card might be ok
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