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    Belle config en effet, mais ouf, ces vieux XEON avec leur DDR2 ECC c'est hyper énergivore !!! beau chauffage pour l'hiver aussi ! Perso, j’enlèverais un CPU et de la RAM, surtout si tu ne fais pas de VM avec. Évidemment, c'est dans le cas ou la machine tourne H24 ! Sinon c'est propre, sympa le cache SSD en lecture/écriture ! Avec les noctua, il dois être hyper silencieux.
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    Только что проверил на 18.04. Вся фишка в этом - Включить режим совместимости ЦП Без указания «Включить режим совместимости ЦП» - висяк на этапе выбора диска. С активированной настройкой «Включить режим совместимости ЦП» - без проблем пошла установка, диск виден. Это на этой бетке https://archive.synology.com/download/Package/spk/Virtualization/2.3.1-8926/Virtualization-x86_64-2.3.1-8926.spk *на Pro без лицензии эта настройка недоступна
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    This was questioned several times. In theory: everything is possible. But why should somebody invest many, many hours of work and reverse engineering to bring XPEnology to life on such low-end systems without S-ATA connections, reliable Gbit NIC speeds, USB 3.0 and low-cpu features? Use RPi as a DLNA? There are several good working OOTB solutions (LibreElec/Kodi, etc.).
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    I am in the process of building a kvm host, and will have xpenology running on it. But notice the lack of virtio and sr-iov (ixgbevf) modules. So in the process of building them decided to create some helper functions to facilitate the process. Here is the link to the github page with the script: xdsm-build-utils I was able to create a synoboot image that supports both ixgbevf and virtio_net for bromolow 6.1, I was also able to make one for 6.2 but it only worked for the first boot/initial install once you install the .pat file it would error out. (May need to change the config for make but not sure what am I missing or maybe I am using the wrong source) There are also some helper functions to run inside the NAS to obtain and set MAC the real MAC address to generate and set the serial number (based on https://xpenogen.github.io/serial_generator/index.html) and to get and set the pid/vid for the boot device plus mounting the synoboot partitions. Anyway here is the link for anyone that wants to use it. XDSM-UTILS