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    my guess is that your motherboard now "wants" to boot from the hard drive with the DSM OS installed. You may need to go to the BIOS, and change the boot order to first start from your USB drive.
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    10G for sure but raid6 might give you enough speed and more space to use, if assembled you can try by installing dsm and creating/deleting the data volume in different raid configurations, you can expect 400-500 /MB/s from, also keep in mind even if you can read with 900 MB/s most disks (even ssd's with sata interface) cant handle that speed, you might be able to measure it with same network tools but ... raid10 for safty? there is no replacement for backup, more important data results in more frequent backup (and/or storing backups in a different location where burglar or fire cant harm them) you might reconsider this, sata ports and energy also cost money, 8 or 10TB disks and less ports might cost the same and give you more room to expand (usually you will have such system for 3-6 years), so compare the price $ per TB and plan to double your capacity after 2 years (witch is much cheaper if you can add disks instead of replacing 12 disks) ssd's for reading will only speed up things if they are already in ssd cache, so mostly on systems where many users access data, a system used by one user will not see much gain from a read cache for writing cache dsm will need two ssd's (running internal as raid1), also here its important to have a closer look, to achieve faster write your source where the data comes from hast to be fast enough, a normal sata ssd will max out with 600MB/s so you would need nvme ssd on both ends to max out 10G network (btw there is also 40G available ...), for using nvme you will need the 918+ image (baremetal install) my system has 12 ports, 11 x 4TB disks (stated with 6), no ssd cache, nvme ssd on client side there might be some special cases like video editing where big files are often written but if its for a single person local storage for editing and nas (10G nic, 500MB/s) storage/archive is more cost effective and gives better speed and latency depends on the software and how you implement the nas you can use iSCSI for disk replacement if a software does not want to write to a network drive but in that case its called SAN and latency and I/O per second gets more important (like using fiber instead of 10GBaseT) so basically yes, with iSCSI you can do it if you are that kind of hardware beginner then you might start with a smaller project or let someone with more experience assist you (not just some people over the internet, more a friend with hands on capabilitys) keep in mind that the default xpenology config (kicking in after a bigger update) is 12 disks, if you user 12 data disks and 2 ssd's for cache you will be at 14 ports and loose something after a backup (back to 12 ports) and will have to restore config manually - nothing for beginners and people without linux knowledge my advice, keep reading about xpenology and its problems (dig into some of the problems people report and how often it happens) and consider a different system (like free nas for more safer storage with ZFS or open media vault when its less about special features in dsm) more back to you question, it depends on how you plan, there are boars with 12-20 ports but they can get spendy, if full atx or flex atx is possible you have more options, keep in ming that most of the boards have no 10G nic, so you will have to plan on (at least) pcie 4x slot for the 10G nic and one at least 8x slot for a storge controller, like 4 or 8 port, if its just 4 port then plan 2 slots so on most systems you will have 4-6 sata onboard + 8 sata you add to get 12-14 your ports plan 4 port cards if you stick to ahci (safer way when it comes to xpenology and the efforts of synology to prevent using dsm on other hardware)
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    11.06.18 как поставил 918 6.2 так до сих пор ВСЁ работает, железо 3150 скорость копирования как была раньше 1 гиг так и осталась вы просто меньше читайте этот форум а больше пробуйте самостоятельно здесь тусуются те у кого ничего не работает большинство как поставили xpenology так больше сюда и не заглядывают, кроме как только узнать о выходе нового релиза и не более