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    Follow the instructions in the link I posted & you should be able to recover your system.
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    The N54L has a AMD cpu & is therefore not currently supported on 6.2 as Jun has only created a loader for the DS918+ model which seems to only run on late model Intel cpu's. There is a way to downgrade to 6.1, follow the instructions in this thread
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    Yes it was the Bay bios, I'm using it too, & no it's not something that you can check through Synology, it has to be done via the bios by booting & pressing F10.
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    Uninstall the existing version then download the older version & manually install it. 2.4.0-1505 can be found here: http://archive.synology.com/download/Package/spk/VideoStation/2.4.0-1505/VideoStation-x86_64-2.4.0-1505.spk