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    @Water The Media Server package needs to be installed and running for that icon to come up. If it's not the case then install it in the Package Center first. Then on your computer go to the Computer tab in Windows Explorer >Access Media > Connect to a media server. Let it install. When finished refresh the window and voila. Google could have help: https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?t=109576
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    Guys, any progress on Hyper-V support? Or already supported?
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    на алли не всё и не всегда дешевле а иногда и наоборот, и если уж брать то почему бы нет в качестве мультимедиа мини-сервера с одним SSD на 250 или на 500 без проблем, остальное по USB или в облаке Intel nuc6cayh с тем же процем и за 100€
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    Hi jun, your loader v1.01 - Nice work! Do you know the solution, PXE boot with Using GRUB2? Would be handy, thanks! Best regards & Servus, sybdata