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  2. The 2nd disk should be a datastore disk. This is one of the discs you will use in DSM as a volume. Yes, it will be formatted when you first install DSM. This is normal. It actually installs part of itself on the first working hdd that is available.
  3. Hi Frank, did you find a solution to your problem? If anyone else with an idea reads this, maybe that someone can please help me? I'm running this on an ASrock J3455M ESXi boots from "Local USB", my DataStorage1 is located on Local NVMe.
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  5. Да, у меня в роутере Asus работало нормально. Он автоматом всё делал. Я даже ничего не настраивал. Потом перешёл на оптику и пришлось сменить роутер. И работать перестало.
  6. thank you very much.....i will serch it here in italy somewhere
  7. [SOLVED] - if it can be useful at high, here's the solution: I generated the USB flash drive again, switching from the DS3617xs version to the DS3615xs, the system went into a migratable state and I reinstalled the DSM
  8. [RISOLTO] - se può essere utile ad alti, ecco la soluzione: Ho generato nuovamente la pennetta USB, passando dalla versione DS3617xs alla DS3615xs, il sistema è passato in stato migrabile ed ho reinstallato il DSM 😜
  9. Подключил сино к домену. Раздал группам в домене права на сетевые папки. Когда в домене пользователя переносишь из одного юнита в другой - сино это не видит и права оставляет от старого юнита Пробовал выкинуть на домене пользователя из групп и потом тыкал в сино "обновить списки пользователей домена" и снова закидывал в нужную Но это не помогает - сино все равно видит старые права доступа. + когда на закладке пользователей, добавляешь какие нить права отдельному доменному пользователю (дополнительно к групповым) - то это ничего не дает - у него не появляется доступ к добавленным сетевым папкам. ЗЫ - 6.1.7-15284 ЗЗЫ - на оф нашел похожее - но там тож ничего не отписали по этому поводу:
  10. So do you copy them to your new photo station folder? In this case it‘s possible that Dsm locks certain files. If you‘ve setup a new photo station I would recommend uploading only pure image/movie files and nothing else.
  11. Anyone knows if this extra.lzma will work with an Asrock Q1900-ITX too?
  12. Hi jensmander, as far as I know I don't use encryption for my drives (think it is needed to set a pw and I can remeber that I havn't done that). I am not at home at the momnet and can't check it, sorry. Yes, as the monment I am connected via 5GHz WIFI, but be also able to make connect a cable (just need to buy one which has the right lenght) Alright (need to check the protocol option and what's set right now). Maybe another information which is neccessary to find the root cause: Some of the files I'd like to transfer to my Diskstation where the "ERROR 50..." message came up are originally coming from ab backup of the Photo Library from an old Diskstation (DS109+). Some years ago I moved them to an external 4TB HDD, since my 109+ was slow and wasn't fun to use anymore. I found a lot of @eaDir folders as well as Thumbs.db files on it, which I removed completely. But there is still the "ERROR 50..." message coming up each time I am trying to copy several folders with more than 800GB in total.
  13. t'es sûr que cette fois le pb n'est pas la carte réseau qui n'est pas reconnue?
  14. Did you use encryption on your NAS volume? Encrypted drives have a restriction in maximum file name length. How do you connect to your share? Wireless or cable? Error 50 means a problem with the communication between your Mac and NAS. You can try to restrict the SMB protocol to V3 only and see if it works better.
  15. Seems to be working OK with Intel Core i3-9100F, on an ASRock Z390 Extreme4 MB with 32GB RAM. Below, before on the left, after running script on the right side.
  16. Hi all, I am struggeling with an "Error 50 ..." message when transferring an bunch of files from Finder to Synology. I just installed my NAS and are now trying to fill it up with my data but always get initerrupted by this issue. I've set it up to smb as well as afp. Does anybody know how avoid this error?
  17. Du coup j'ai essayé avec le dernier loader dispo donc le 1.03b, en ajoutant les drivers avec extra.lzma, cette fois j'ai l'impression qu'il plante pendant le boot, puisque je ne parvient plus à me connecter au DSM pour l'installer.
  18. @Olegin So adding another .ko wont work for DMS 6.2 can you load the driver in another way? Will IG-88 approach work on DMS3615XS for DSM 6.1?
  19. Thank's a lot! Unfortunately I can't use raid 1, since I have to merge different HDD sizes to get 2x8tb
  20. Yes, but the best way is to make RAID1.
  21. Merci pour votre réponse, je vais essayer avec le dernier Loader dispo pour le ds3615xs
  22. déjà laisse les disques libres sans RAID matériel, c'est DSM qui dois s'en charger. Ensuite essaie avec une autre version de loader et ajoute le fichier extra. Si toujous pas de disques alors tu devras ajouter toi même les drivers au loader. Autre solution qui marchera à coup sûr : la virtualisation.
  23. Bonjour, Je viens de récupérer un serveur Dell DR4100 équipé de deux cartes RAID, une Dell PERC H810 et une Dell PERC mini H710. 12 Disques SAS de 3To sont connectés sur la H710. J'ai essayé deux configurations différentes, l'une en configurant un RAID via le controleur l'autre sans RAID en laissant les disques libres, à chaque fois, l'assistant Synology me dit qu'il n'y a aucun disque. J'ai cherché dans tous les menus du BIOS, je n'ai trouvé à aucun endroit pour mettre un mode PassThrough pour la carte RAID, ni changer le mode SATA des disques. J'utilise le loader 1.02b JunMod. Merci pour votre aide!
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