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  2. @deesnow Are you sure you are on DS3615xs and not on DS3617xs? If yes then I would suggest a clean install on a separate drive and make some testings. If this web GUI stopping is not something predictable or happens once in a while it could also be hardware related or a corruption of DSM. Although I did a tutorial on how to upgrade from DSM 5 to DSM 6 I think it best to start a clean install of DSM 6 because loaders pre-DSM 6 are structurally different. In any case try testing with a new drive see how that goes.
  3. But doable to say the least?
  4. Under "Features and Services" within the TOS: 2. QuickConnect and Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) Users who wish to use this service must register their Synology device to a Synology Account. When using XPenology, you are not using a Synology device. Therefore you aren't able to register that device to a Synology account. If you do, you are violating the TOS. This is tantamount to stealing proprietary cloud services, and is discouraged here and by the cited FAQ.
  5. i was able to boot my Q1900DC-ITX with the above mods by switching the USB boot from legacy to UEFI. on bootup, the internal NIC light flashes yellow for about a min, then it goes dark and the the green light comes on (ie. after DSM loads the RTL driver).
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  7. So from the looks of it, theres a bug with XPEnology where you cant accept the TOS so you wont be able to login and use the QuickConnect feature? etc?
  8. Please note the post discussing the FAQ
  9. Nobody knows. The current 1.03b and 1.04b loaders seem to work with DSM 6.2.x but any new DSM patch can (and does with surprising regularity) fail to work with them. The community has found workarounds in most cases. That's the reason for this thread here: Look for folks with similar hardware, virtualization, loader and DSM versions being successful before attempting any DSM update. And seeing as you are planning to use ESXi, there really is no excuse not to have a test XPenology DSM instance to see if the upgrade fails or succeeds before committing the update to your production VM. When Synology releases DSM 7.0, it's a virtual certainty that the current loaders will not work. Someone will have to develop a new DSM 7.0 loader hack, and there is really no information about how long it might take or how difficult it may be.
  10. It's not possible for you to agree to Synology's Terms of Service. By using XPenology to connect to Synology services, you are directly violating them. Please note this from the FAQ:
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  12. Intel I350 -T2 Dual Port NIC Information from Supermicro. This release includes Base Drivers for Intel(R) Ethernet Network Connections. - igb driver supports all 82575-, 82576-, 82580-, I350-, I210-, I211- and I354-based gigabit network connections. - igbvf driver supports 82576-based virtual function devices that can only be activated on kernels that support SR-IOV. - e1000e driver supports all PCI Express gigabit network connections, except those that are 82575-, 82576-, 82580-, and I350-, I210-, and I211-based*. * NOTES: - The Intel(R) PRO/1000 P Dual Port Server Adapter is supported by the e1000 driver, not the e1000e driver due to the 82546 part being used behind a PCI Express bridge. - Gigabit devices based on the Intel(R) Ethernet Controller X722 are supported by the i40e driver. From the information I need to implement the e1000 driver for 3617 or 3615.
  13. Thanks for the answer, 3617 or 3615 bootloader will be enough for me for RAID F1 But the network doesn't work with them - Intel i350 and also LSI 9300-8i If you give me information on how to compile the drivers and insert them into extra.izma, I will try to implement the necessary drivers myself. I need instructions, I think I can do it.
  14. keep in mind the synology limits things on purpose (like only allowing there own esata extenders) and the loader you are using is kind of a hack as it disables checks for the original hardware and enables loading of additional drivers usually the bast way is to stay close to the hardware of the image you are using or you will depend on additional drivers building the same as fs3017 and not being able to use that image ... the sas stuff also exeeds the 24 drive limit we usually see with the normal images and uses diffrent mechanisms to implement it and they need (as esata) special firmware that will be identified when connection/using stuff - so additional trip wires atm i cant compile better/newer mpt sas drivers (or any scsi/sas drivers) for 3615/17 so dont expect a miracle in the next weeks/months if you really want to user f1 raid and dsm then 3617 and ahci/sata seems to be the realistic way if you have huge amounts of time and are good in reverse engineering and using IDA you might find a solution, but thats nothing i can do if you can do this you might reverse jun's way and make a loader for the dsm system of your choice afaik its mainly about making dsm see the hardware of the original system when checking but i can be wrong here its just what i got from reading here
  15. After i got my synology installed i skipped the quick connect login at the startup because i thought i would just do that later. But when i try to login to my synology account now i just get an error, the error just says "there is an unknown error" and i cant type anything is the quick id field. Mabye some one have experienced the same issue?
  16. chip is SAS3008, driver mpt3sas, ds3617 image from synology comes with this driver in dsm (3615 does not) I think this is just the right driver for the LSI 9300-8i, no?
  17. Hi @Ashvini jain, I recommend reaching out to the bitwarden support forums or bitwarden github to get assistance with bitwarden features unrelated to the Synology part of the install. I did respond to your DM with details on mssql connection strings and resource values you'll likely use. Also see this post for additional information
  18. How do you like the idea of getting firewood from the image.pat of FS3017? My server model is assembled on iron the same way with the contents of the internals of the FS3017. Chipset C612 2 X SAS LSI 9300-8i CPU - 2X Xeon E5-2620v3 RAM 64GB
  19. So Im running XPEnology on 3rd party HW because its a lot beefier than most of the mid range synology's out there, plus I got the server HW for free. Im currenty running a "DS3615" but I have a DS118 that I have registered and a quick connect account associated with. Can I apply that serial number to my bootloader and configure XPEnology to use that so I can have the legit features that would otherwise require a full blow synology? For instance, adding additional licenses to surveillance station, access it via a URL using quick connect, etc?
  20. Merci beaucoup pour ton aide, effectivement je suis passé en 6.2, mais je n'ai plus de réseau, je vais commander un carte Ethernet avec chipset Intel et refaire ma clé de boot avec cette nouvelle adresse MAC. J'adore votre site ! Gastonzz
  21. seeing your last test and the 330 messages per second in the log of 918+ and knowing the 3617 supports f1 ootb, i'd go with sata/ahci and 3617 image
  22. Bonjour Gaston, Il te faut récupérer les 2 adresses avant de pouvoir mettre les infos dans le grub. N'hésite pas à poser la question à Google pour récupérer ces infos PS: peux être faut-il créer un nouveau post si on s’éloigne du sujet initial
  23. Bonjour à tous, Déjà merci pour tous vos commentaires et aides, je suis nouveau sur ce site, mais déjà très enthousiasmé. Je voudrais vous poser une question: J'ai un HP Microserver 54L et je suis en 6.1 je voudrais rajouter une carte réseau Intel pour passer en 6.2, par contre la carte que j'ai choisi à deux ports RJ45 et donc vraisemblablement deux adresses MAC. Est ce que cela pose problème ? Et quel adresse MAC je dois prendre pour modifier mon fichier Grub.cfg ? Merci beaucoup par avance de vos avis. Bien cordialement, Gastonzz
  24. Правильно я понимаю что диск 1 на 50 МБ на SATA котроллере 0 размещен? Не понятно почему Диск 2 размещен на контроллере SCSI 0:1, а не 0:0 - это значение пропущено или на нем размещен DSM? Контроллер устанавливаете SCSI LSI Logic Parallel в режиме none, virtual или physical? По этому скрину видно что запустили диски 4 ТБ.
  25. Прошу поделиться данными тех кто использует DSM на ESXI: - определяются ли у вас диски размеров больше 2 Тб? - требовалась ли подготовка диска перед подключением к NAS (форматирование, создание разделов и т.п.)? - есть ли по ним SMART информация в системе по дискам? Никак не могу подключить rdm диски в режиме физического проброса, созданием vmdk файла маппинга физического диска vmkfstools -z В случае с пробросом жестких дисков в ВМ похоже что самым нормальным вариантом становится внешний контроллер. Подскажите ещё в чем разница будет в работе NAS, если физический диск подключить 1. к контроллеру SCSI в режиме дисков virtual или 2. к контроллеру SATA?
  26. I have a new poweredge R430 with 64GBs of ram and an 8 core CPU. Im going to throw ESXi on it and use that. My old instance is on Dell Optiplex. My question is going forward with upgrades. Will I just need to do a new boot loader with the version compatible with the latest DSM version, boot to that, then upgrade DSM within the XPEnology itself?
  27. Clicking the upgrade button would be unwise. You will need to burn a new boot loader, and you will need to evaluate your hardware to see what combination of loader and code to use. Please have a backup/backout plan as it's not always straightforward depending on your system.
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