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  2. Today I nuked my server and reinstalled DSM, but did i do something wrong? I went in storage pool and created a shr2 with all the hdd's i wanted, then went in volume and created 1 volume for the entire pool in btrfs and its doing consistency check, and its extremely slow and my whole system is just boggled down. I dont recall seeing a skip option when creating the volume.
  3. 8.2.8 разве уже взломана? У меня стоит 8.2.7-6222 стоит. Еще с июля. Все работает, за исключением мобильного приложения dscam. Пользоваться им практически невозможно. Открывает потоки онлайн гижайшего качества - 640х380 10-15к/с несколько минут, в то время как ранее это происходило всего за несколько секунд причем потоки были итогом 5.6 мегаБайт/сек. Такое же и при мобильном интернете и при WiFi с интернетом 1000Мбит. В dscam прописан внешний белый стат ip синолоджи. Поэтому даже с домашнего WiFi поток гоняется не через локалку. Кто смог это победить?
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  6. Я про 8.2.8 имел ввиду. Спасибо, стоит именно эта версия работает без перезагрузок 24х7 правда только одна камера прикручена. Можно ли так же 8.2.8 перепаковать?
  7. Эти службы доступны только для оригинальных зарегистрированных серверов Сино в качестве дополнительных сервисов.
  8. you can use iLO's virtual com port to monitor what happens, the local console is accessible through the com port when using jun's loader without extra drivers you might want to try installing the original dsm 6.2(.0)-23739 the loader contains drivers and kernel from 6.2.0, wen installing you use 6.2.3 and there might be a driver incompatibility, never seen this but its possible you could use the extra drivers for 6.2.3 and copy the kernel of 6.2.3 to the loader, rd.z and zImage from the 6.2.3 *.pat file (can be opened like a zip file), destination ist the 2nd partition, you just overwrite the files already there
  9. Так сейчас только в легаси и может работать, в УЕФИ не видно НАС в сети. Почему то сам DSM не может подключиться к своим службам типа Квик-коннект и т.п.
  10. Bonsoir à tous. et merci pour vos commentaires la dernière fois j'ai tous réinstaller, j'ai même changer le HDD pour avoir une capacité plus grande, mai malheureusement après 4 mois j'ai eu le même problème. Hier soir j'ai changer mon DELL GX520 par un autre DELL optiplex 760 et j'ai fait la MAJ de 6.2.2-6 vers 6.2.3, alors j'ai tous récupère. J'ais ouvert un port SSH en prévision de la prochaine panne, si jamais il y aura.
  11. is there nobody that can help
  12. Bonjour, Pour accéder aux logs, il est aussi possible de déconnecter un des disques du NAS et de le connecter à un PC que l'on démarre sous linux (LiveCD, image USB, etc...). Ensuite, en montant la partition la plus petite on a accès au disque système. Jacques
  13. I dont know, you cannot choose PCI controller in Proxmox but you can choose SCSI controller. Well it doesn't really matter now as disk performance is almost the same in virtio or not. Or maybe my ssd disk, where virtual drives are stored, is not fast enough to make appearing any perf difference.
  14. Thanks so much for this - had no end of trouble getting mine activated, password had special characters - fixed, other commands didnt work on my install, yours did. Then had an invalid SN, updated from google images sn which worked a charm. Does anyone know if QuickConnect should work? When I try to login to link I get a "the system failed to perform the requested operation, there is an unknown error" I Struggled to get a NIC to work initially, the 3rd HP box I used worked first time - Kept reading about the extra.lzma file but couldnt for the life of me find where it is and how to use it (if someone can link me I'd appreciate it as I'd rather use a different box if i can get the nic to work). Also tried to get it working on a FreeNAS VM but the VM crashes after boot, gets to the prompt and then the vnc connection drops and wont reconnect with nothing on teh network - but thats for another day if anyone has any advice. But for now I'm up and running on a HP Elitedesk, i5, 8Gb RAM, 2x 1TB drives in Raid1 Generally thanks so much for this forun and project - so much fun and so useful to tset the 365 backup before a charity I help out jumps to purchase the original hardware. thanks everyone H
  15. what controller(s) are emulated? that defines the driver that must be present for this
  16. Only 4 virtual disks: - Sata0 : bootloader : 50MB - Sata1 : Dsm OS : 6GB - Virtio2 : Disk : 16GB - Scsci3 : Disk : 32GB (on virtio_scsi) Just did some dd speed test between disks, and I cannot see any significant speed improvement actually. LoL (Read: 545 MB/s , Write: 63.5 MB/s) So better using virtual sata disk which is recognised by dsm.
  17. Salut, J'ai eu le meme soucis ( acces web HS, et tout le reste fonctionnel ), et apres plusieurs jours non fructueuse ..... J'ai finalement MAJ de 6.2.2-6 vers 6.2.3 et j'ai récupéré mon accès comme avant, cela a réparer ce qui était "cassé". Reste a voir si ton GX520 est compatible avec un MAJ supérieur, sinon il va falloir ré-installer DSM.
  18. afair the change braking the drivers was introduced in DSM 6.2.1-23824 so if you use the latest 6.2.1 it will be the same as 6.2.2 but the i915 driver in both are the same, we did not have the source jun used for this driver so it was reused in 6.2.2 and worked so if hardware trancoding is your problem then it might be something diffrent, the best way in that case is 6.2.3, just follow the guide in that thread the new i915 driver from synology works at least as good as jun's, does seem to have less problems with some different apollolake and geminilake boards i would not clean out the firmware directory as there are firmwares from synology there that does not come with the loader, i file more there does not hurt and the loader will compare and replace firmware files by itself, so any old/different files will be replaced and new file will be copied cleaning the update folder does not hurt but is not needed usually (if so it will be written in the guide i wrote to that extra.lzma in question)
  19. whats the number of regular disks you have in your vm? with the 12 drive default fully used a 13th disk will be seen as esata its also possible to have external drives used as internal by meddling with the config in a way thats officially not the case you would extend the max drives to 24 and make all the internal config covering all that (ffffff), ignoring the fact that external and usb are already might take that places, the "internal" will win and you should see that drive as internal you might be able to have a performance comparison between the emulated and the "new" virtual drive (each configured as one volume with one drive as basic raid type) same would then be possible if mounting the blk device as /volume2 i guess, it is possible to use it as volume as the old way of making a nvme ssd usable was to have it as virtual drive in a esxi vm and then mount it manually as data volume, not the best way but at least it would also be possible to get some performance values to see if its with any effort compared with the virt. scsi drive
  20. J'ai supprimé nos échanges non constructifs. Si quelqu'un d'autre arrive à t'aider alors que tu n'as accès à rien, difficile de dire mieux que de réinstaller de 0.
  21. Can you point me to how and where to get so I can update my box. Also, did it break your box ? Vol ? anything ? Thanks.
  22. Update: - virtio_scsi drive appear in dsm as external esata drive, which cannot be used in dsm storage pool but only as external drive. It seems to work fine as external drive. - virtio_blk drive does appear anywhere in dsm, but it can be seen in linux cmd line and create filesystem on it. As a linux filesystem, it seems to works fine.
  23. Yes, it's to get virtual drive with better io performance than emulated sata/pci drive. Here, I can see virtual drive with fdisk (here 16GiB=Virtio_blk and 32GiB=VirtioScsi) but I cannot see theses drives from dsm gui : $ sudo fdisk -l | grep "^Disk /dev" Disk /dev/sdg: 50 MiB, 52428800 bytes, 102400 sectors Disk /dev/sdh: 6 GiB, 6442450944 bytes, 12582912 sectors Disk /dev/md0: 2.4 GiB, 2549940224 bytes, 4980352 sectors Disk /dev/md1: 2 GiB, 2147418112 bytes, 4194176 sectors Disk /dev/zram0: 148 MiB, 155189248 bytes, 37888 sectors Disk /dev/zram1: 148 MiB, 155189248 bytes, 37888 sectors Disk /dev/vda: 16 GiB, 17179869184 bytes, 33554432 sectors Disk /dev/sdm: 32 GiB, 34359738368 bytes, 67108864 sectors And here virtio network speed with iperf between host and vm: $ iperf3 -c -i 2 Connecting to host, port 5201 [ 5] local port 49499 connected to port 5201 [ ID] Interval Transfer Bitrate Retr Cwnd [ 5] 0.00-2.00 sec 2.74 GBytes 11.8 Gbits/sec 0 3.06 MBytes [ 5] 2.00-4.00 sec 3.07 GBytes 13.2 Gbits/sec 0 3.06 MBytes [ 5] 4.00-6.00 sec 3.07 GBytes 13.2 Gbits/sec 0 3.06 MBytes [ 5] 6.00-8.00 sec 2.97 GBytes 12.7 Gbits/sec 0 3.06 MBytes [ 5] 8.00-10.00 sec 2.95 GBytes 12.7 Gbits/sec 0 3.06 MBytes - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [ ID] Interval Transfer Bitrate Retr [ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 14.8 GBytes 12.7 Gbits/sec 0 sender [ 5] 0.00-10.04 sec 14.8 GBytes 12.7 Gbits/sec receiver iperf Done. Great news for 9p driver ... I may try to compile some stuff with 6.2.2 kernel/chaintools aswell and check if it work on 6.2.3. Thanks for your work.
  24. @IG-88 Is the driver externsion suitable for dsm 6.2.1? I have a running dsm(6.2.1) on asrock J3455-itx, can I just enable the hardware transcoding by the following steps? 1. re place extra.lzma、extra2.lzma files in the loader udisk. 2. remove all the files from update and firmware directories. 3. reboot
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  26. beside of usb booting - does it have a x86 64bit cpu? i guess not marvell is arm and thats it, our loader is based on x86 code and Bios/uefi can it boot linux? maybe
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