XPEnoboot 5.2-5967.1 (17/07/2016)

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XPEnoboot 5.2-5967.1 (17/07/2016)

Postby sancome » 17 Jan 2015 09:15

Nanoboot accompany us for a long time, it will stay in the age of DSM 5.0, I will join the XPEnoboot project.
XPEnoboot is published by a team of contributors(@Vortex, @Sancome, @Kali, @Jman, @Poechi), we worked for two weeks, and can now be released.
XPEnoboot is similar with Nanoboot, but added more drivers and fix some problems, the most important is that it support DSM5.1 installation.(special thanks to @Vortex).
You can download it from:

:arrow: http://download.xpenology.xyz/
:arrow: http://xpenology.me/downloads/

WARNING: Use it at your own risk! we will not be held responsible for any data loss or broken machine.

Kernel source (only for developers)

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5.2-5967.1 (17/07/2016)

Add 5.2.5967 support
Fix Control Panel > Hardware & Power issue in 5967
Fix bios reset issue on some system (this may break the power on/off schedule function)

Add HP cciss driver for HP driver Smart Array like E200 Controller
Updated HP hpsa module to support new adapters like HP H240
Add pata_amd and pata_jmicron

Updated intel ixgbe driver to add X550 adapters support
Update realtek r8101, r8168 and r8169 drivers

Add cdrom and sr_mod modules for external usb cd/dvd devices support (need to be manually loaded)

Sensors (need to be manually loaded)
Winbond w83627ehf
Winbond W83795ADG
Fintek F71808A
Nuvoton nct6775

Fix DVB dongle detection since 5644 build

Time Backup
Fix system freeze by building dm-snapshot module

5.2-5644.5 (14/02/2016)
Fix iSCSI (block and files)
Fix Time Backup freeze
Fix VirtualBox package
Add device mapper mirror (dm-mirror, dm-log and dm-region-hash modules)
Add NVMe support
Add evdev and button module to boot sequence
Update mpt3sas, aacraid, e1000e (I219 support), bnx2, bnx2x, megaraid_sas drivers

5.2-5644.4 (23/12/2015)
!!! Possible iSCSI issues with this build !!!
Fix latest 5644 pat issue
Fix broadcom issues (add missing firmwares)
Add Marvell 88SE9485 support on ASUS P9A-I boards
Add USB to LAN adapter 10/100/1000 support for asix and realtek (r8152/r8153) chips
Fix black/blank screen at boot with nvidia cards
Disable old crappy realtek r8169 module, update r8101 / r8168 / r8169 drivers

5.2-5644.1 (08/11/2015)
!!! Possible iSCSI issues with this build !!!
Update e1000e, igb, ixgbe drivers
Add intel i40e driver (XL710 and X710 chip)
Add pata_via (VIA VX900 support)
Add missing Broadcom BCM5709c firmware EDIT: not working, I put the firmware in the wrong foler. need to fix this :(
5.2-5592.1 (05-08-2015)
Fixe the issue with Packages not starting automatically at boot.

5.2-5592.1 (30-07-2015)
This update will NEED to be installed through the Install/Upgrade Boot Option. So the best way to install the DSM 5.2-5592 update is boot with one of the attached boot images, select the Install/Upgrade option from the GRUB menu and install the DSM 5.2-5592 pat file from the Web Install.

Made compatible with DSM 5.2-5592.

5.2-5565.2 (07-06-2015)
Enabled support for iSCSI.
Module ‘powernow-k8‘ has been deprecated since kernel 3.7 and is now replaced by ‘acpi_cpufreq‘.

5.2-5565.1 (01-06-2015)
Made compatible with DSM 5.2-5565.
Added newer network drivers for Intel, Realtek and Broadcom.

5.1-5055.1 (19/05/2015)
Made compatible with DSM 5.1-5055.
!! Important !! XPEnoboot 5.1-5055.1 only support DSM 5.1-5055 (DS3615xs)

5.1-5022.3 (03/03/2015)
Fixed the problem of disk expansion
Added firmware for BCM NetXtreme II (10gigE)
Updated BCM tg3 driver
Enabled 3Ware SAS/SATA-RAID driver
Enabled Mellanox 10G driver
Enabled Brocade 10G driver
Enabled cpufreq and powernow-k8 modules
Enabled some USB HCD drivers

5.1-5022.2 (09/02/2015)
Fixed SCSI issues and added SCSI support for Hyper-V* and VMWare.
Fixed LSI Controller issues (If you have a problem, please add parameter "rmmod=ata_piix" in Syslinux boot line)
Added firmware for some broadcom nic drivers, support more Broadcom nic
Added parameter for reset user password (e.g., if you want to reset password for user "admin", you can manually add parameter "resetuser=admin", the password will be empty after boot.)
*Notice:in Hyper-V, the link speed displays 10/100Mbps, but it's 1000Mbps in fact.

5.1-5022.1 (29/01/2015)
In the new version of XPEnoboot_5.1-5022.1, we have solved the problem of the "Timebomb", there are two ways to choose:
1. If you are running well with 5022.0, you only need to use new boot image and reboot.
2. If you encounter the problem of the "Timebomb" with 5022.0, you must re-install DSM with new boot iamge.
You can install 5022 update 1, but the volumes will be unmounted for the first time after the restart, don't worry, just reboot and it will be fixed automatically, and this problem will not happen again.
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Re: Nanoboot upgraded to XPEnoboot, and the boot image for D

Postby spiderben25 » 17 Jan 2015 09:18

Thank you so much, I love you guys! Will try it asap!
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Re: Nanoboot upgraded to XPEnoboot, support DSM 5.1 installa

Postby holybabel » 17 Jan 2015 09:27

Thx for this great release, will try it today.
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Re: Nanoboot upgraded to XPEnoboot, support DSM 5.1 installa

Postby visuel » 17 Jan 2015 10:06

Thank you for this great release, will try and donate today.
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Re: Nanoboot upgraded to XPEnoboot, support DSM 5.1 installa

Postby Schnapps » 17 Jan 2015 10:11

My dear Gentlemen,
Congratulations for this fine artwork!
I am very pleased and amazed, how this community grew and without your contribution, collaboration and passion, XPEnology wouldn't be what it is now.

Thank you all!


PS: Post stickied and changed to Global Forum Announcement :D

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Re: Nanoboot upgraded to XPEnoboot, support DSM 5.1 installa

Postby gromez » 17 Jan 2015 10:18

Just installed, works like a charm, my datas are still there, even my settings, perfect!

My setup: HP N54L with 4 disks
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Re: Nanoboot upgraded to XPEnoboot, support DSM 5.1 installa

Postby davido38 » 17 Jan 2015 10:39

Just update my wmware installation.

works very well. Just have to repair the scsi disk and it's ok.

Thanks a lot !! :D
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Re: Nanoboot upgraded to XPEnoboot, support DSM 5.1 installa

Postby someone » 17 Jan 2015 10:54

Is going to be installed on my ESXi today :)
Thanks a lot!
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Re: Nanoboot upgraded to XPEnoboot, support DSM 5.1 installa

Postby Hetfield » 17 Jan 2015 11:01

Thank you all so much! Special thanks to Vortex btw, who did help out a lot even though we (the users on this forum) were quite rude to him. Many thanks!
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Re: Nanoboot upgraded to XPEnoboot, support DSM 5.1 installa

Postby M3kk » 17 Jan 2015 11:03

Wow, nice! Thanks guys!

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